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The ghoul is a monstrous creature from Arabic folklore that appears in the form of a human and feasts on dead bodies and rotting cadavers. The name comes from the Arabic word “ghul”, which literally means “demon”.


The ghoul is a horrible abomination who lives in cemeteries and graveyards and feeds on the moldering corpses of the dead. It considers human flesh a delicacy and at night, under cover of darkness, it will dig up coffins and break them open in order to devour the human remains inside.

Some people say ghouls are human beings who have died and risen from the grave. Others claim that they are demons who appear in human form. Still more believe that ghouls were once a race of people who became trapped in underground caverns and, in the endless darkness, resorted to cannibalism to stay alive.

Although it prefers dead and rotting bodies, a hungry ghoul will not hesitate to prey on the living. They often lure unwary travelers to lonely desert wastes and remote ruins where it can attack them. After the ghoul kills you, it will devour your corpse, chewing the flesh from your bones and greedily sucking the warm blood from your veins.

Sometimes, ghouls are able to change shape and disguise themselves as a human or an animal. Often, they will take the form of the person they just ate. One way to tell a ghoul back then was by its feet. No matter what shape or form they take, ghouls will always have hooves.

One ancient story, tells of a young Arabic prince who was out hunting in the desert when he came across a beautiful young woman. She was crying and he asked her what was wrong. She told him she was the daughter of a king from the far-off land of India. She said she had become separated from her entourage when she fell off her horse and she was now lost, frightened and alone in the unfamiliar desert.

Taking pity on the beautiful girl, the prince lifted her up and put her sitting behind him on his horse. Together, they headed towards the prince’s home, but as they were passing by an ancient ruin, the girl asked if they could stop for a few minutes because she needed to go to the toilet.

She takes so long about her business that the prince grew impatient and went to look for her. He saw her crouching among the ancient ruins, surrounded by five or six hideous, grey-skinned children.

Listening closely, he overheard her saying, “My darlings, today, I have brought you a fat and juicy young man…”

“Bring him to us, Mother,” cried one of the disgusting, drooling wretches.

“We shall fill our stomachs with his flesh,” cried another.

When the prince heard this, he was overcome by fear and began to tremble. He knew that he had been tricked by a family of ghouls. Terrified, he ran back to his horse and managed to escape before the young woman emerged from the ruins.

scary for kids


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  • @fear I’m from India & I’ve heard about the Jins too, a friend of mine who is Muslim once told me that she once woke up in the middle of the night to the voice of chanting. And she said that, when she went to her balcony, she saw Jins praying, inside the mosque which was near her home.
    I just wanted to ask if that’s true??
    I mean do Jins pray in mosques at night??
    According to legend obviously…

  • @Carcass Jinn are not helpers of shayatan. They are made of fire and they can not be seen with human eyes but animals can see them. They don’t disguise themselves as anything. In the QURAN it mentions “ay jinnoinns” (ay jinn o inns) it means there are jinns and humans and before any living thing on earth jinns existed. Actually there are two types of jinn – good (who don’t harm humans) and bad (who just mess with us like scare us using the environment).

  • I am a Muslim too I had a really weird experience I was at home and the time was 11:30 then a lot of crows were kaw kawkawing (tree are no nest near my house) the Jackawls were screaming and a dog started to bark my also starts to meow loudly towards my window I still don’t know that was it a jinn

  • Jin is its own being.It is not devil nor spirit a Jin is peaceful,they will only harm if certain rules have been broken Jin are everywhere Jin will attack if you don’t ask for 3 consecutive days for them to leave if not they will harm a Jin lives in those houses which are not Inhabited for more than 2 years (i think).The Shaytan is a Jin. Jin are not helpers of the Devil the devil has helpers IDK who the Jin’s have many forms.he devil is thy who goes to all and persuades them to do wrong.Jin’s do not posses even to embrace Islam it is done o very rash actions.Also do not walk after 10:00 anything we cant see walks.If you hear a donkey hee-haw or a dog bark they can see very very unearthly stuff the Jins were earth old rules and most are still angry P: .If a rooster shouts then it sees angels.Now :P go move this false info or Vaermina haunt you kay.

  • Whoa what have I missed? Ive been gone for so long off this site I wonder..but its glad to be back time to get to reading

  • Geez,sorry I brought it up o.e . It was not a Jin,my friend said. Im not able to say it in singular form but its plural is sha-ya-tin apparently. They torture those in Hell and the powerful ones disguiseas humans in the real word to increase sinsd such. People sayos the Ghoul is mentioned in the Quran or some sort of religious book.

  • I’m a muslim. I’ve heard numerous stories of people who eat the dead. Especially when family members gather together and tell scary stories. Many of which are actually true(though mostly exgghajurated(correct me If I’m wrong)) They once arrested two guys in pakistan because they were caught eating a dead corpse of a man and a dog. There is a you tube video if you wanna check. So gross.

  • Sorry for the many comments but @DJ_Freak they aren’t invinsible actually they possess sometimes because humans hurt them by accidwnt and they aren’t very forgiving O.O

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