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Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is a spooky legend about a monster called The Storm Hag who lives at the bottom of a lake in Ohio and preys on unsuspecting sailors.

Lake Erie

If you ever go fishing on Lake Erie, beware of what lurks below the water’s surface. According to legend, there is a sea witch who lives in the depths of the lake, near Presque Isle. They call her The Storm Hag.

Sailors who go out on Lake Erie tell tales of terrible encounters with this demonic female. She has pale, green skin, piercing, yellow eyes that shine through the darkness, green teeth and long nails that are sharp enough to pull the skin right off a tough old sailor.

They say that, if you go out on Lake Erie and stray into the realm of the Storm Hag, you will hear her soft, quiet song carrying across the water on the breeze.

“Come into the water, love,
Dance beneath the waves,
Where dwell the bones of sailor-lads
Inside my saffron cave.”

Then, she summons a violent storm that tosses your boat around on the waves, shaking it to and fro like a rag doll.

The Storm Hag rises from the murky waters, wind and lightning spewing from her mouth like venom. She reaches out and her long, thin arms wrap you in an icy embrace. Her gnarled, bony fingers clutch you tight and her sharp, pointed teeth sink into your soft flesh.

Before you have a chance to resist, The Storm Hag drags you down to the bottom of the lake where she devours you whole among the weeds and the mire.

One evening, many years ago, a ship was caught in a bad storm on the lake and desperately tried to make it back to port. Violent winds tossed the vessel to and fro for more than an hour and just when it was in site of land, the storm suddenly stopped.

Then, without warning, the water next to the boat began foaming and churning. Something burst forth from the depths and within seconds, the ship and its crew disappeared beneath the waves. Witnesses on shore claim they heard the screams of the sailors echoing across the lake. To this day, those who sail on Lake Erie claim to hear phantom screams of the victims who were taken long ago.

Late one night, an oil tanker called the Clevco was being towed by a tugboat named The Admiral. Just after 4 AM the Clevco radioed that The Admiral had suddenly disappeared. It was as if the tugboat had somehow sunk to the bottom of the lake without a sound.

When the Coast Guard arrived to investigate, they found that the Clevco had vanished as well. Early the next morning, the bodies of two crew members of the Clevco washed ashore. No other crew members were found, living or dead.

Then there is the mysterious disappearance of Captain Donner. One evening, a freighter left Presque Isle and sailed across Lake Erie. The Captain retired to his cabin for the night and told his first mate to wake him when they were nearing their destination.

As the ship neared port Washington, the mate went to the captain’s room and found it empty. Captain Donner was not in the bed, nor was he anywhere else on the ship. The crew organized a thorough search, combing every nook and cranny on the vessel, but the captain had disappeared without a trace. Captain Donner’s body was never found. It was as if he was snatched off the face of the earth.

Were these ships all victims of the Storm Hag? Is there a demonic witch lurking at the bottom of Lake Erie?

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  • I know these stories in the comments section are like 3 years old now but I just had to comment on them :) First, the Mirror story: you should probably say who is in her family, so that when you later say all that was left was the father and the maid we know how many people have died. It rounds out the story. Second, the dad would not say “OMG” Something else a little more mature and masculine put there instead would sound more like a father character. Finally, while I love the story idea, I think it should sound a little less like Snow White. That will make it sound a little less like a fairy tale and more like a horror story. Otherwise, good story!
    For the other one, the idea again is good but instead of children you should call them friends. I was a little confused with that bit and had to reread it a couple of times because I first thought they were siblings. Also, the story escalated way too quickly. There should be a little more for Robert’s death, and the whole eating the kids was a nice plot twist, but there was no suspense built. It was more of an afterthought than a drop of the hammer, so to speak. But the story itself was pretty good.

  • I have a ghost story from Jordan. So there was this boy who was home alone. He heard a knock at the door. He answered it, but there was nobody there. This would happen every 5 minuets. This was driving him crazy. When his brother got home, they timed it exactly when the knock at the door would occur. They counted down, and as soon as they opened the door, they saw a blue mist in the shape of a fist fade away. This story is called blue hand, and its 100 percent true. I’m sorry for the lack of description but you can edit it to your perfection, SFK. I hope you put it on the website!

  • I’ve got a story it’s called 5 children and the abuse: there once was 5 children their names were Alice, Joey, Hermione, Robert and Mitsy. Whenever Mitsy bought the children back to her house the mother would abuse them all and they were all to scared that they couldn’t tell their parents. One day she murdered Robert and was sentenced in prison for 8 years of attempted murder. 5 years later she broke out of prison in search for Mitsy, Joey, Hermione and Alice. They fled the country and moved to Cambodia.once the mother found them she kidnapped them and bought them back to the house where they were abused and where Robert died. She murdered them all and ate their corpses so no one would find out. Legend has it if you go in the house and say let me see my kids the 5 children will appear and murder you now when people have tried it they become ghosts and have their own room to haunt. ( did I mention its a massive house) enjoy! ☺

  • To Don’t take me seriously:
    I’m not sure if I can tell you exactly where it’s “Situated” haha, but it’s located in Erie, Pennsylvania. About 50 miles from where I live. I’ve never heard the witch hag tale before, but I don’t live in Erie. It’d be way cool if it was real though. :)

  • @tophatmiss, I like your story but I don’t get the ending and I’ve never heard anyone’s dad say ‘OMG’.

  • Hey, I wrote a scary story and I’d really like your opinions… (Maybe if I’m lucky SFK will post it!)
    Mirror, Mirror…

    A family moves into an abandoned castle. They clean out and fix-up all the rooms, except a small room in one of towers. It was too small for anything, but it had a nice, fancy, old-fashioned , metal-framed mirror in it, and the family kept it like that. But, for whatever reason, the daughter would often go up to the room for 2-5 minutes at a time, and would come out crying… absolutely bawling her eyes out. A few days later a family member or close friend would die, but the little girl wouldn’t cry or anything… she just got a bit depressed and would mutter things under her breath, as if she saw the death coming. This kept happening until only the father and maid were remaining living in the house. The father was curious, and one day (from a distance, of course) followed his daughter to the room. She closed the door when she got there, so he leaned over and listened through the door. “Mirror, mirror…” said the girl. The father thought to himself, “OMG! My little girl is reading Snow White to herself, so precious! She must keep all her princess books up there, too!” He continued listening. But, instead of the story he heard this: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who will be the next to fall…” The father was confused. He was even more confused when he heard a deeper, manly voice he’d never heard before. “The maid…”, said the voice in a hauntingly chilling manner. The father heard the girl getting up, so he ran off so she wouldn’t see him. Sure enough, 2 days later, the maid passed away. The next day the girl went back up to the tower room, and the father once again followed her up. He heard her daughter say her ‘mirror, mirror’ chant, once again followed by the voice. At first he was confused when he heard the same manly voice as before say “Open the door”.
    But then he understood.

  • So she’s ugly, murderous, cannabillistic, AND poetic? Strangely, I can dig that. Should I seek help?

  • Cool story. Btw SFK glad to see your posting more often. Been on this website for a while now and love how original the stories are :)

  • O.O Couldn’t she just kill herself? It would be awesome and she wouldn’t have to worry about killing other sailors…I don’t think that made sense even to me but whatever…

  • Na mate that’s KYMOPOLEIA!! btw i know it’s crazy, but what if the admin of this site SFK is actually a GHOST O_o

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