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Vampires make for scary monsters and the most fearsome bloodsucker of all is Dracula. But let’s not forget all the other vampires like the fanged terrors of I Am Legend, the horror of Salem’s Lot and the original undead Nosferatu.

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scary for kids


  • I watched hikiko by urban legends and couldn’t sleep at night for a week. Yeah I know, messed up sleep schedule.

  • i Agree with vampiressa, y wuold you have some that are unclickable… like hikiko, if your exscuse is that you dont have any story for it then dont feature it

  • Scary For Kids, WTF!! Some of these links r unclickable! Not just here but on others like Japanese legends! I mean ur site is awesome but……..yea. sorry for the language.

  • I want to click on the other links but there is only like three or four you can click.

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