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The Golem is a scary legend about a monster that was created by a Jewish Rabbi to protect people.


In ancient Prague, Jewish people were the victims of a lot of racism and anti-semitism. A Jewish Rabbi decided to create a monster to protect the people from their enemies in the event of an attack.

The Rabbi took clay from the banks of the river Vltava and moulded it into the shape of a gigantic man. Using ancient Jewish mystical rites, the Rabbi brought it to life by inserting a strip of parchment, with God’s divine name written on it, beneath the huge figure’s tongue.

The enormous monster came to life. It’s eyes glowed red and it’s giant clay body was rippled with muscles. The Golem was put to work, with it’s incredible strength, and became feared by all those who wanted to harm the Jewish people of Prague.

But despite it’s physical strength, the Golem was brainless, unable to think or speak and was only able to operate under orders from the Rabbi.

Day after day, the Golem would work tirelessly helping with harvest and other hard work, always under the strict direction of the Rabbi. But, on the Jewish Sabbath, the Rabbi would remove the parchment from the Golem’s mouth, and the creature would become a harmless statue, while the Rabbi went to his temple and worshipped God.

But one day, the Rabbi forgot to remove the parchment, and went to the temple, leaving the Golem unattended. This proved to be a disaster. Without it’s master around, the golem grew restless and went on a rampage. It ran through the streets of Prague, randomly destroying homes and attacking the Jewish people.

Alerted by the shouts and screams of the people, the Rabbi ran from the Temple, to find the Golem going berserk and raging through the streets, leaving a path of devastation in its wake. When the Golem caught sight of his creator, the huge beast attacked the Rabbi and tried to kill him.

The Rabbi was in the Golem’s clutches and seconds away from being crushed. He managed to reach into the Golem’s mouth and remove the parchment. Immediately, the creature stopped, frozen to the spot and dropped the Rabbi. It’s red eyes grew dim and it remained motionless, it’s violent rampage over.

Fearing that he had created something too powerful to control, the Rabbi took the Golem to the attic of the temple and hid it away. He locked the attic door and, to ensure it remained undiscovered, forbade anyone to enter the attic room. As an extra precaution, he chopped down the wooden stairs that led up to the attic.

There the Golem stood, for years, gathering dust, waiting until it was needed to protect the Jewish people of Prague. After the Rabbi died, people forgot about the Golem and most people even doubted that it had ever existed in the first place.

The attic room lay untouched for centuries until one man decided to find out whether the legend of the Golem was true. When they reached the attic room and broke down the door, they found only a huge pile of dust and rubble inside the attic. Some people believe that time had reduced the powerful Golem to a pile of dusty clay.

In The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror XVII”, Bart steals a Golem from Krusty the Clown and uses it to terrorize Springfield.

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