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The Cyclops is a giant from Greek mythology with a single eye in the middle of his forehead and a foul disposition. The hero Odysseus stumbled into the lair of one of these monsters.


The Cyclops were huge one-eyed monsters who lived in Sicily and liked to eat human beings. Because of their dreadful features, the Cyclops were initially locked in the depths of the Underworld, but later the Gods released them from their hellish prison.

The one-eyed giants would attack ships that sailed near the island of Sicily in ancient times. A warrior named Odysseus and his crew landed on Sicily, and encountered a cyclops. The men became trapped in a cave when the cyclops rolled a large boulder in front of the entrance.

When the cyclops discovered that he had a group of humans trapped in his cave, he began to devour them one by one. Odysseus finally tricked the cyclops into drinking enough wine to pass out. While the cyclops was unconcious, Odysseus shoved a red hot poker in his eye, blinding him.

Odysseus and his men managed to escape from the blind cyclops and sailed away from the island. Enraged, the cyclops threw huge boulders at the ship and shouted to his father, Poseidon, God of the sea, to avenge him.

scary for kids


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