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The Yeti, also known as The Abominable Snowman is a giant apelike creature that lives in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet. In Tibetan the word “Yeti” means “magical creature”. People who claim to have seen this scary creature, say that he is 7 to 10 feet talland smells really bad.


The Yeti is a very large creature, not human but walking upright, and seems to have the face of a gorilla. People have found footprints and have compared it to some other large creatures like Bigfoot.

The first reliable sighting of the Yeti happened in 1925 when a Greek photographer in the Himalayas, was shown a creature moving in the distance across some lower slopes. The creature was almost a thousand feet away and he could see the figure only in outline. It was exactly like a human being, walking upright and stopping occasionally to uproot or pull at some bushes. The creature disappeared before he could take a photograph but later he found footprints in the snow where the creature had been walking.

One of the more curious reports of a close encounter with a Yeti occurred in 1938. Captain d’Auvergue, was traveling the Himalayas by himself when he became snowblind and lost his way. As he gave up hope and thought he was going to die from exposure, he was rescued by a nine foot tall Yeti that nursed him back to health. Afterwards he was able to climb down the mountains and tell his story to the world.

Once, a Sherpa girl who was tending her yaks was surprised by a large ape-like creature with black and brown hair. It started to drag her off, but was startled when she started screaming and let her go. It then killed and ate two of her yaks. She escaped with her life and the incident was reported to the police, who found footprints.


When Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa guide, were climbing Mount Everest, in 1953, they found giant footprints on the way up. In 1960. Sir Edmund Hillary returned and led an expedition to search for the Yeti, but they didn’t find any trace of it. Disappointed, Hillary dismissed the Yeti as just a legend.

scary for kids


  • That’s cool! The creature in pics looks weirdo.
    But one thing i did’nt like is when people(hillary) could’nt find any trace of yeti then they just dismissed it as a legend? I means it’s like the SOUR GRAPES. If they did’nt get yeti then is it only a legend? Very bad.

  • U should watch russian yeti: the killer lives. It talks about 9 students who died in 1959 possibly by a yeti. Pretty cool and interesting stuff man. Compelling evidence as well.

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