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The Harpies are three sisters in Greek mythology. A harpy is a vicious monster hybrid of bird and lady. They are often described as ugly bird-winged hags from Hell who are repulsive to look at.


Harpies are hideous vulture-like creatures with the head and chest of an ugly old lady. They have long wings and sharp claws or talons. They live in dirty places, surrounded by filth, stench and poop. They contaminate everything they come near. Their name comes from an ancient Greek word which means “snatchers”.

The Harpies are vicious, cruel, violent and extremely ill-tempered. They abduct people and torture them by scratching their eyes out and tearing their flesh with their claws. They also torment their victims with unearthly screeches and wails. The people of Greece feared them for it was said that they stole small children and carried away the weak, the sick and the wounded.

In one story, there was a man named Phineas who could see the future. The Gods became afraid that he would see too much so they blinded him, banished him to an isolated island and sent the Harpies to torment him. Every time Phineas tried to eat some food, the Harpies would swoop in and snatch it off his plate. Instead of the food, the Harpies would leave an enormous poop on his plate. Phineas was forced to either eat their poop or starve to death.

scary for kids


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