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Stupid Stories

Stupid Stories

Some short stupid stories to make you say “Whaaaa?” These tepid tales of terrible terror are meant to be scary, but fail so miserably that they end up just being funny.

Stupid Stories

Stupid Story 1 – The Mystery Of The Yellow Spot

Two brothers were sitting in their bedroom one evening. Suddenly, they looked up at the ceiling and saw a small yellow spot appear in the middle. The boys watched in horror as the yellow spot grew larger and larger. The boys ran up to the attic and opened the door. When they turned on the lights, they screamed. There, in the corner, stood their father and he was peeing on the floor.

Stupid Story 2 – Dawn Of The Bears

Once upon a time, a brother and sister went camping. They didn’t have any parents so they went camping alone. In the middle of the night, they heard some strange noises outside their tent. They thought it was bears, so they fired shots from inside the tent. Then they heard some noises that sounded like two bears dying from gunshot wounds. At dawn, the next morning, they went outside and discovered that it wasn’t bears at all. It was actually their parents who had tracked them down because they loved them so much.

Stupid Story 3 – Return Of The Frozen Baby

In summer 1971 a girl had just turned 16 and found out she was pregnant. After the baby was born, she realized she was too young to be a mother, so she decided to put her baby in the freezer. A few years later, she met a nice man, got married and felt that she was ready to have a child. She took the baby out of the freezer and tried to heat it up in the microwave, but it was already dead.

Stupid Story 4 – Something Caught His Eye

One night, a man was walking down the street, when something caught his eye. There was a trail of blood leading into a dark alley. He followed the trail and found a bloody doll with blond hair lying on the ground. He picked it up, but immediately slipped and fell over, narrowly missing impaling himself on a nail by an inch. He knew the doll had dark powers, so he selfishly thrust it into the hands of a young girl who was passing by.

The next day, he heard on the news that a young girl had been mugged in a dark alley the night before. Her eyes had been gouged out so that she couldn’t identify the criminals. He felt guilty because it had been his fault that the girl was mugged. The man immediately ran to the hospital and volunteered to donate his eye to her.

When he woke up after the surgery, the man was shocked. He couldn’t see a thing. “What did you do to me?” he asked the doctor. “I only wanted to donate one eye!”

“But you only had one eye to begin with,” replied the doctor.

Stupid Story 5 – Attack Of The Tree

Two kids were walking through the woods. Suddenly, a tree fell on them both and squished them to death. But the kids didn’t die instantly. They lived for several painful hours. Then they died. In the morning, the neighbours called the police because they had heard some screams. Once the police got to the scene of the accident, they realized that the tree was actually the kids’ father and they arrested him for murder.

Stupid Story 6 – The Cursed Sweater

One cloudy autumn afternoon, a guy was driving down a deserted country road. He stopped to pick up a hitchhiker. She was a pretty girl and she seemed really nice. He dropped her off in front of her house. The next day, he realized that she had left her sweater in his car. He tried it on and although it was warm, it had horses on the front so he decided he didn’t want it. But then, to his horror, he couldn’t take it off. That night, as he slept, he was sure that he could hear the horses saying “om nom nom nom.” And then, no matter how much food he ate, he kept losing weight, but the horses kept getting fatter and fatter. Eventually, he happened to look down and screamed when he noticed the horses had human faces. Then the guy died.

Stupid Story 7 – Glass Elevator Of Evil

One time, a guy got onto a glass elevator. He pushed the button for the tenth floor. The doors closed and the elevator went up. The indicator light climbed higher. 8… 9… 10… 11. The elevator didn’t stop on the correct floor. Nor did it stop at all… ever. But, when it did stop, the man was a skeleton.

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  • guess what!!! stupid scary(although it isn’t) stories are far much better than scary stories

  • Oh yeah, incase you haven’t noticed the one I sent earlier is made to mock bad stories so maybe choose a different one.

  • I have an entire collection of stupid creepy pastas I keep spamming my friends with. Just look at this garbage!

    Once I wanted to play Mario but I didn’t have a Nintendo for it and I was at a flea market. This old man I saw had Mario and a NES but the label was not there. The man said it was owned by a dead kid named Jim. I just said “whatever,” because I was eager to play Mario on my new NES.

    I plugged it in, and everything seemed normal. I played world 1-1 and did it. Then I tried the old warp pipe trick and when I got to the pipes, and instead of the usual text that said “Welcome To The Warp Zone”, it said “WELCOME TO THE SCARY HELL PLACE!”

    I thought that was weird. I said “whatever,” and used the farthest pipe. the intro screen showed the words “DEATHWORLD 6-6-6.”

    The graphics seemed off and it sounded like screams happened from the game. It was super scary. But I wasn’t scared and kept playing. After a while I hit a place that was impossible to pass because of spikes, so I had to die.

    I kept trying until my lives were at zero. I thought it was game over, but Mario came back and this time it looked like his face was bloody. As I started playing the level it turned to a hidden cloud level and it looked like Mario had angel wings. A spooky digital voice came out of the Nintendo that sounded like it said “No hope”. As I was about to grab a mushroom the screen went black.

    I reset the NES and the game came up. This time the title screen was different, and Mario’s face was bloody. It scared me so much that I reset it again.

    As it came on the digital voice said “You can’t run from the funk”. The screen was hyper-realistic and it showed Mario again only this time his face was me and my family’s face and we were skeletons. It was so realistic; I couldn’t believe it. I was compelled to try the game again. This time I started it. As the first goomba walked towards Mario, Mario turned towards the screen and started screaming “NO MÁS, NO MÁS!” It sounded like high-quality CD-audio, also blast processing.

    I screamed and turned off the game. I put it away. Later that week I noticed my family acting distantly. I decided to research Mario games and I found out that Mario was in a secret game that was only released in two arcades on Friday the thirteenth on June 6th, 1997. It seemed weird so I started playing videogames again.

    I decided to put in the Mario game again. I loaded it up and I saw my save file. I clicked it and Mario said “Why-a you-a no-a stop-a playing-a my-a game-a” I didn’t take his warning and I played anyway. I got up to Bowser and I won but when I got to Peach there was toad there instead and he said “Peach is dead”.

    Then a ghost face came up and it had a ladies face and Princess Peach is a lady.

    I reset the game for the last time. I opened up my save and it changed from my name. it said…



    Then my mom walked in and she screamed. I was dead the whole time and guess what: my name was Jim!!!!!!!!!

    So anyway I don’t know if any of you guys have experienced anything like that. It might have just been a bad dream and anyway my mom sold the cartridge at a yard sale so I don’t have it anymore, but you should believe it because it’s true!

    NOTE: This was written to be a parody of terrible video game creepypastas. Please know that before making stupid comments.

  • Some of these are so funny….😂😂😂
    I’m dying PEOPLE…..
    Wait no I’m not

  • Ok guys I’ve got a story: Once upon a time it was a dark and stormy night and I was wanting to watch a movie in a theater so I got in my car but before I got there the car died and when I looked in the backseat for mor gas I saw a murderer so I screamed and ran into a nearby abandoned house and then I was eaten by a meat eating zombie the end. PS: it’s supposed to be dumb I’m better at writing stories than that. :P

  • Here is a stupid story.

    I ate my baby sitter and little brother.
    The End!

  • Hey black box isn’t even stupid!Welcome to THE website
    malevont and sinister.

  • Hello! I am new! I hope my new username is OK! as in scary. These stories seem so funny! I laughed at some of them. Hello to the SFK team, Pete and crazy stalker!

  • I’d probably scream if I saw my dad peeing on the floor. With laughter. As for the 6th one it seems if you add on nom nom nom into anything it becomes funny.

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