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Red Star

Red Star

Red Star is a scary story about a man who keeps seeing mysterious red pentagrams appearing all over the walls of his house.

Red Star

Once, there was a married couple who moved into a new house in London, England. They had no visitors, but for the first two weeks, everything was fine.

One day, the man was going to the bathroom, but when he opened the door, he saw a big red star drawn on the wall.

The red star looked like a satanic symbol… A devil’s pentagram.

He tried to show his wife, but she said she didn’t see anything.

“I must be seeing things” he said.

A couple of days later, he saw red stars drawn all over the living room walls. He tried to show them to his wife, but again she said she didn’t see anything.

“I must be losing my mind” he said.

Every time he went into the bathroom or the living room, there were red stars. He tried to wash them off, but they wouldn’t go away and his wife continued to say she didn’t see anything.

Finally, late one night, he remembered that he left something important in the closet. So he got up and opened the closet door. When he did, he saw a person in a hoodie standing there, holding a knife and a permanent red marker.

He was never seen again.

It was 3 years afterwards that a new family came to live there. They saw the living room and the bathroom covered in red pentagrams. They also smelled something terrible coming from the attic. When the husband and wife went into the attic to investigate, they screamed in horror.

There, lying on the ground, was the missing man’s rotting corpse. His body was covered in red pentagrams.

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