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Stale Bread

Stale Bread

Stale Bread is a stupid scary story about a young girl whose mother sends her to the shop one day to buy a list of groceries.

Stale Bread

One day, a young lady went to the supermarket. Her mother had given her a shopping list. She was looking for bread, milk and orange juice. A young man helped her find the milk and orange juice, but he was unable to find the bread. The bread was not in its usual aisle. He scratched his head and asked her to tell him if she found it.

She searched the store for hours until it finally came to closing time. As soon as it was midnight, the young lady saw a dim mist pop up and appear in the aisles. As it faded, she saw a door marked with a rusty sign that read “Bread Aisle”. She wondered what in the world this meant, but she really didn’t care. She just wanted her bread.

She opened the door and immediately heard a screeching sound. After about 10 seconds inside the mysterious door, a loud BOOM! came crashing from afar. She followed the noise and saw racks of bread as she turned left and right. As she was choosing which bread she wanted, she felt somebody tap her on the shoulder.

She turned around and saw the silhouette of a man. It was the same young man that had been helping her earlier!

In a horrific tone of voice, he said: “Did you find the bread?”

She screamed and ran, but she wasn’t fast enough.

He grabbed a butcher knife from the deli counter and sliced her legs off.

Then, he said: “You never told me if you found it!!”

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