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Welding Mask

Welding Mask

The Welding Mask is a stupid scary story about a family who move into an old house where a killing spree took place years before.

Welding Mask

Somewhere in Plano, Texas there was a house that had been condemned. A newlywed couple bought it and moved in with their adopted son, Billy. The wife’s name was Kate. She learned that a killing spree had been committed at the house years before and that the man who had murdered all those people was buried just a few blocks down in the local cemetery.

Later that day, as she left work, she called her husband Jeff to tell him she was on her way home but no one picked up the phone. When she got home, she walked into the living room and saw blood splattered everywhere. She walked into the bathroom and there was a dead body hanging from a hook. It had no arms or legs, just bloody stubs.

She rushed to the phone and called the police telling them to come quickly and screaming about what she had seen. When they got there, they searched the house and the backyard but there was nothing there. They thought she was crazy because she swore she saw a body dangling from a hook in the bathroom.

The police stayed until Jeff and Billy got home from the store. They explained to her husband what had happened and told him to keep an eye on his wife in case she started acting even more strangely.

A couple of weeks later, Kate was home alone when she heard a gravelly voice from the kitchen saying, “The only way to save them is to kill them.”

She freaked out and thought she was losing her mind. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, so she went to lie down on the couch and calm herself. Soon, she fell asleep. When she woke up, there was a man standing over her. He was wearing a welding mask and an apron. He was holding up a bloody knife and pointing to it saying, “Save them from evil. Kill them now or you will be sorry.”

In a daze, she jumped up and grabbed the knife unwillingly. Then, she went into the bathroom and there, hanging from a hook, was her 13-year old son. He was just a torso, with no arms or legs, just bloody stubs. She collapsed and started to cry and then she heard Jeff walk in. She got up and ran to the door to stop him, but she tripped and fell on the knife, stabbing herself in the heart. She was killed instantly.

A few months later, Jeff moved out of the house. There were too many bad memories. He moved into a new apartment. Within a week, it burned down killing everyone who lived there, including Jeff. The man that set the fire and caused all this to happen was caught by the police. When they questioned him, he claimed that he was approached by a man in a welding mask and an apron who threatened him and told him to set the apartments on fire or he would kill him in his sleep.

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