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The Shack is a stupid story about a young girl who finds a broken-down old hut while out playing in the woods one day.


There was a young girl who lived with her parents. One day, her father quit his job and the family moved into a small cottage in the woods. The girl went exploring in the woods one day and saw a little tin shack. As she got closer she could see that the shingles on the roof were falling off and the wall of the house was crumbling and decaying. Only the windows were still intact, but they were all covered with black cloth. The door was scratched and dented and it made a strange creaking noise as she opened it.

When the girl stepped inside, she saw that the inside of the shack was completely bare except for a dust-covered heap on the floor. It was a rolled-up piece of carpet. She picked it up and blew the dust away. She unrolled the carpet and was surprised to find a framed picture.

It was a photograph of a man with dark, stringy red hair that went in all different directions. He had a crooked nose and small black eyes. His smile expressed so much evil that she dropped the picture. She turned around and was about to run out the front door when it closed with a bang. Behind it stood the man from the picture. He was tall and very thin. He still had that same horrible smile on his face.

The girl turned around to look at the picture but she noticed that there was nothing but an empty picture frame. She screamed and ran around the room, looking for an exit. Suddenly, she saw a back door. She ran towards the door, but when she got up close, she realised to her horror that it was just a picture of a door painted on the wall. She ran to the window but screamed when she pulled back the curtain and discovered it had been bricked up.

Then she noticed something about the man that she had not noticed before. In his hand, he was holding was a bloody dagger. The man smiled that same evil smile again and walked slowly towards the girl. He raised the dagger.

Nobody ever saw the girl again.

scary for kids


  • It would have been better if he put her in the picture! Amirite or am I right

  • The man comes with the knife raised. He comes close closer closer. The girl screamed as she waited for her inevitable fate. In her last moments she had an idea. She got up and ran to the black door. Without a moment’s hesitation she charged at the black door. The glass shattered revealing the black door behind it. With one quick pull she open the door. Sunlight steamed through and illuminated the rundown shack. Before escaping she looked back -The killer was gone. She sprinted through the woods as fast as her legs could carry, occasionally looking back in fear that that man was after her. With pounding heart she reached home. Her mother was putting out the laundry and her father resting under the hot sunday sun. ‘Mooooooom” was all she could utter as she flew into her mother. Tears were streaming down her face knowing that she was safe. Taken aback, both parents took her inside. After some time she calmed down enough to tell them what happened. Her father assured her that it must have been her imagination, but she kept insisting it was real. With swollen eyes, she begged her parents to believe her. After some time her father agreed to check the shack. She and her father reached the shack in an hour. Seeing the shack the girl’s heart was pounding. Overcame with fear she trembled uncontrollably. Her father walked to the door and swung it open. After some time she returned laughing. The girl a bit confused approached her dad. Her father told her that it was just a optical illusion. It only works if the shack is in darkness. Looking back the girl thought, the killer did disappear after she opened the door. But to be sure she checked the shack herself. Feeling revealed both father and daughter walked with smile on their faces.

  • Going into that house was the equilavalent of saying “oh look a racked up shack that looks like its gonna fall any moment… Better die here”

  • meh, it was an ok story…but why was it posted under the stupid stories? It wasn’t stupid

  • @Midnight Spirit and @RjLovesLifex3if you dont want stupid stories LEAVE THE STUPID STORY SECTION!!!!!

  • ….then he cut off her nose and and replaced it with a carrot. Days passed.Eventually the search party came across the cabin. Again, the carpet was rolled up. At first they thought perhaps they would find her body rolled up in the carpet. But instead, ann the found was a picture of a creepy looking guy and a familiar looking girl with a carrot nose. Months later, the police came across the3 cABIN. They unrolled the crpet and saw a picture of the creepy man, the carrot nosed girl, and the search party. except the people from the search party had corn cobs for noses instead of carrots. And suddenly the cops felt a strong gush of wind blow them out the door. The severed noses had been thrown into the conjoining room, and when the cops unrolled the carpet, the dust from it had caused all of the severed noses to blow at once, and the cops were blown out the door and eaten by bears. THE END.

  • Well, DUH! It’s not like she came back home to her parents smiling! Of course she was never seen again! This story is SO lame. I can write a better story, and I SUCK at writing anything! No offense to who wrote it, though. ;)

  • lol my step mom and her freind own a place called the shack they serve snocones salads and subs

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