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Stupid Tales

Stupid Tales

These stupid tales are excellent examples of horrible horror and terrible terror. Short and sweet, they don’t mess around. They get straight to the point.

Stupid Tales

I’m not sure if these little stories are astonishing works of genius or just a bunch of shizzle. The stories aren’t mine. They are the work of random people on the Internet. Kids in chatrooms and forums who share their masterpieces with the world. I just corrected some of the grammer… I mean… grammur… I mean… grandma… I mean grammar.


So ur with ur honey and yur making out wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the vioce is “wut r u doing wit my daughter?” U tell ur girl n she say “my dad is ded”. THEN WHO WAS PHONE?


So ur in bed reeding a book and ur dog licks ur hand. Then u go to the toilet and wen u come back u get in bed. Ur dog says “Can I lick ur hand again”. Wait a minute… DOGS CANT TALK!


One day these kids went to an abandoned youth camp. This old guy tried to warn them that it was haunted by a killer and had a curse. But they didn’t believe him. After a week they went home and everything was fine. But then 46 years later one got cancer and died.


One day there were a couple of scuba divers who saw a sign that said “No scuba diving” and they had such poor parenting that they didn’t even look at it. Just when they were having a good time scuba diving they found a secret place where all the bad guys live. When they saw the bad guys coming out of it and looking around they got so afraid that they never scuba dived again. However, years later some of the bad guys came and found them and broke some of their scuba gear.


There was a ghost in a house up on a cliff overlooking the sea. On a stormy night a couple had a car breakdown outside the house and decided to sleep there for the night. The ghost attacked them and threw candlesticks and books and candlestick holders and bookshelves at the couple. The couple ran around the house three times. They were trying to run away from the ghost but he flew at them too fast. The ghost eventually ate the couple. Now there are three ghosts in that house.


This is the story of a day where there was all this blood. A man was walking around and blood started coming out of him everywhere. There was so much blood that it filled up an elevator. He went to the store and there was just blood all over the place! People were slipping in it and they were all grossed out. He tried to go swimming and all of the sharks went nuts and bittened everybody. He got chased by all the vampires ever. One time the blood got a kid and a dog. At the end of the day, everyone decided they would send him to space so that he would stop getting blood everywhere. The scariest part is that the man was YOU!!! (Or he was a lady if you are a lady) and you forgot that this happened.


I was staying in a haunted hotel and I was eating some cheese when all of a sudden I felt something nibble on my foot and i started to cry and i was affraid as i was still eating the cheese and i looked down and it was my cat. Then 2 hotel employees came up to my room and said “maybe if u give the cat some cheese it will stop nibbling ur foot” and then I called my cat and i found him dead in the bathtub and he had been dead for quite a while. So I buried him with a piece of cheese. But then I started thinking. If my cat was dead then what was nibbling my foot???


Hey this is me. And I am going to tell you a story about when I was 3 years old. I was in my room playing with my doll, when all of the sudden my doll eyes turned red and she said “You’re a bad mommy and I hate you.” Then she ripped off one of my Barbie’s leg and came charging at me wanting to kill me. I got away but she killed my mom and my dad and now I am in foster care. I have no clue what happened to that doll but I think my dog Butch ate her. She deserved it. And that is a true story.


There was this girl who was sleeping over at this house. There were two rooms in the house and each room had four people in it. Then in the middle of the night one of the girls had to go poop, so she got up and used the toilet in her room. Then a few hours later, she needed to poop again, so she got up again and pooped in the toilet in her room. Then the next morning when they were leaving the girl needed to go to the bathroom again so she went up to her room. when she got there, the toilet was gone! She couldn’t believe it! She was sure it was there last night because she pooped in it twice. The girl was so freaked out she ran out of there as fast as she could.


One time in March, this 11 year old girl was alone chatting online and this guy kept sending her instant messages so she reported it to the manager. Then the door opened so she got offline very quickly and picked up the phone. It was dead. Then an instant message flashed on her screen. It said: “I snipped the phone line, now I’ll snip you!” Her mom found her the next day, snipped in two pieces.


Once there was this girl named Nicky who was 6 years old and she had a babysitter named Lisa. When her parents went out at night, Nicky liked playing with her babysitter. But one night the power went out and Nicky was freaked out. Lisa went down in the basement trying to turn it back on and then Nicky heard footsteps. She cried out “Lisa, what happened?” but no answer. Then all of the sudden the lights turned on and there was a man standing there and Nicky screamed and screamed.

At 11:00 PM, Nicky’s parents came home. Lisa was siting on the couch. “Hi Lisa, where’s Nicky?” they said. “Upstairs sleeping” said Lisa. “OK, heres ur money” they said. “Thank You” said Lisa and walked out. Then all of the sudden the parents screamed. Nicky was skinned alive and her bones where laying on her bed and a note was written on the wall in blood which said “How do i look Mommy?”

The police finally caught Lisa and it turned out her real name wasn’t really Lisa, it was Larry and she was a man. Well he was a man should I say?

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  • Can have a contest to see who can make a diamond from these bits of coal? It could be fun!

  • @don’tlookbehindyou
    these are not supposed to make any sense, that’s why they are under stupid story category -.-

  • This is so stupid not the stories but how you didnt use English.I didn’t even read all of them because I couldn’t.>:(

  • #6. “The scariest part was that the man was YOU!!! (Or he was a lady if you are a lady)”

    lol wut.


  • The scuba one is hilarious!!! I loled so hard!!! “However, years later some of the bad guys came and found them and broke some of their scuba gear.” LOL XD

  • these are so stupid i almost cried… Chosen1 lol . And thae toilet one?! Wat the heck? Who would even….? i dont know.

  • OMG ITS SO SCARY I BURPED OUT MY LUNGS (SARCASM)!!!!!!!!!!! #1.. guys…. We should go to the funeral…. English just died….

  • “THEN WHO WAS PHONE?” Lol! I should go to the funeral parlor now. Did you guys hear? English just died.

  • Lol, the dead cat and cheese one was silly, she felt something nibbling her foot and started to cry? Sorry that’s too wimpy.

  • The scuba diving one is LOL! Honestly, these are the stupidest stories on earth! But they dont make sense. Scaryforkids, these stories are good. All the stories on the website. keep posting more.

  • The haunted camp site was totally LOL. I mean, really, everyone dies at some point, it’s just coincidental that one kid got cancer and died! XD Here’s my stupid tale: The Poop Killer (please post this on this page!) Once a boy had to go poop. He pooped so much that he farted, but when he got up to look at his poop and flush his poop grew eyes and legs and arms!!! It said “i’m gonna poop you to death!” and the kid ran out of the bathroom (worse still, he didn’t wash his hands). The poop ran after the boy and it jumped on his and nearly pooped him to death. It pooped up his butler and his fat brother and then his fat sister ran away with the kid. The kids ran onto the balcony and the poop ran out and locked them all out, even him. Then the kids went to the side of the balcony but the poop was wearing sunglasses so he jumped off. The kids looked down and there was a dead poop on the sidewalk and it was twitching. Then they drowned the poop in toilet water and it died forever. THE END (I can write better than this, this is meant to be stupid)

  • all of dem r stupid and hillarious
    ive got a really scary one thatll make u unable to sleep the whole night
    there was this dog who wanted a bone and he went to the graveyard and began to dig he found this bone he took it and went to sleep in the morning a skeleton of a man came and the dog said i am sorry u can have ur bone back then it said no thankyou actually u see the bone got stuck in my thighs and i died so thankyou for saving me and they became friends but then the dog forgot the skeleton was haunted so after 12 years the dog was coming back to his house and he found his house missing and he said i knew it i knew that the skeleton was haunted then the skelton came back and the dog ate it and went to sleep…
    omg i am so scared and this is true totally true …
    (dogs cant talk)

  • These wouldn’t of scared me when I was eight. And then I was scared of clowns and a pea with googly eyes and paper fangs.(I <3 scary stuff now).

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