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Demon Girl

Demon Girl

The Demon Girl is a stupid story that tries to be scary but just ends up being so lame it’s funny.

Demon Girl

This whole thing started one evening when I was at home making breakfast for my kids. My little cousin was staying over for a few days and lately she’d been acting very strangely. Sometimes I would walk in and catch her talking to herself. Except it was as if she was talking to thin air.

I started thinking maybe she was talking to a ghost or a demon. One day I walked up to her and said “Who are you talking to?”

“A demon”, she replied.

She was only six years old, so of course I didn’t believe her. If only I had some way of knowing that she was actually talking to a demon.

The next morning, I was cooking dinner for my kids when I heard a loud scream coming from the bedroom upstairs. All of the sudden I saw a body rolling down the stairs. It bounced off the bottom step and landed with a splat at my feet.

I screamed and started crying. It was my little cousin! She looked completely dead! I quickly grabbed my mobile phone and called an ambulance. When they came, they told me that she was dead and then the cops talked to me and my husband.

When they left and everything had quieted down, I looked up at the top of the stairs and saw a demonic little girl standing there. She had red eyes, black hair and grey skin.

“If you think killing your cousin was bad”, she yelled. “Wait until I kill your kids with my demonic hands!”

I screamed and fainted.

Minutes later, I woke up in hospital. The same little demon girl was standing at the foot of my bed.

“After I get done killing you, I’ll kill your brother”, she yelled. Then she grabbed a pillow and started stuffing it into my mouth. I was afraid I was going to suffocate, so I grabbed the call button for the nurse and pressed it.

When the nurse came in, the demon girl disappeared. The nurse said “You’re all better and we’re releasing you from the hospital.”

Later that night, I came home from the hospital and found my brother lying dead on the kitchen floor. Someone had took a knife and stabbed it in his back and it killed him. His both arms were also ripped off and whoever did it, had used his ripped-off arms to beat his face into a bloody pulp. I suspected the demon girl.

I screamed for so long and beat my head against a wall due to the grief. My husband came home to find me cradling one of my brother’s ripped-off arms. We called the police and they took my brother’s corpse away after questioning us harshly. They didn’t believe my story about the demon girl.

Two days later, I couldn’t sleep, so I woke my husband up and asked him if he could sleep. He said he couldn’t. Then I heard something running around upstairs. We marched upstairs to the bedroom and saw the demon girl standing by the window, holding a rusty knife.

My huband grabbed my hand and tried to run, but it was too late. She threw the knife like a ninja and it hit him ight in the chest. I screamed and he screamed. We all screamed.

“Scream all you today”, yelled the demon girl. “Because tomorrow I will be killing you. See you in hell!”

Then she disappeared. I quickly got out my mobile and called another ambulance. They took my husband to the hospital. I thought my husband was dead, so I went insane from grief and began slamming a door on my head. But, as luck would have it, they managed to pull the knife out of him and he survived. A few hours later, he was back home.

“Where are the kids?”, he asked.

“I brought them over to my mother’s house for safe-keeping”, I said.

Suddenly, I got a phone call on my mobile. It was the police.

“Your mother just got beaten to death with a baseball bat”, they said.

I screamed.

“She was also stabbed three times by a knife”, they said.

I screamed again, but then I calmed down when I found out my kids were OK.

That very day, our family moved out of the house and now we live in a different house. We’ve had no more encounters with the demon girl. A few years later a couple bought our old house. They had two children. Later, I heard that someone killed their children and I read they found their corpses stuffed inside a toy box. The mother said a demon girl did it, but nobody believed her.

No one lives in that house anymore because it doesn’t exist. The father of the two children went so demented from grief that he stole a bulldozer and bulldozed the house into tiny pieces. Fortunately the demon girl doesn’t haunt us anymore. She probably went back to hell or wherever she is from.

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  • Lol I can’t stop laughing!! 😂😂
    ‘I screamed and he screamed. We all screamed.’
    ‘She threw the knife like a ninja.’
    ‘I screamed for so long and beat my head against the wall due to the grief.’
    ‘So I went insane from grief and began slamming a door on my head.’



  • Why the hell is she making breakfast in the evening and making dinner the next morning?! What the f###???

  • … What did I just read …this is the stupidest story ever which males it funny😁😂

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