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Zombie Girl

Zombie Girl

Zombie Girl is a stupid story about a young girl who turns into one of the undead and eventually ends up in hell. It was written by an anonymous person on the internet and is an example of a scary tale that is so terrible and inept that it actually ends up being funny.

Zombie Girl

A girl jumped into an open grave. She closed the coffin. After five seconds she came out. She looked like a zombie. She started towards town. One by one, she killed people by eating off their heads, arms and legs.

When a man saw the zombie girl he started to run, but she kept limping after him. When the man got home he grabbed his shotgun and shot the zombie girl. Her zombie head started bleeding and guts started to come out. She screamed. The man shot her again, but the bullet curved back and he killed himself. The zombie girl started to eat his guts.

When the sun started to rise, she returned to the grave. She went into the coffin and closed the door. After five seconds she came out as a regular girl. Every night it happened all over again.

After a year of this, she was the only one left on earth. That night when she turned into a zombie, since she was the only one left, she ate herself. Her soul traveled to hell and she started to turn into a girl again. But when satan came, he shot her and she turned back into a zombie. She stayed a zombie after that.

Every night she was fed rat brains and chicken hearts. She soon started to love satan. She asked satan to marry her and he said, “Yes”. At the altar, after satan said, “I do!” she said, “I don’t!” and bit off satan’s head.

She was now the ruler of hell.

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