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Freak Night

Freak Night

Freak Night is a stupid scary story written by an anonymous person on the internet. It’s about a group of girls who decide to explore a haunted house, one dark and stormy night.

Freak Night

“…and then, the sink was filled with blood!” said Sarah.

Lizzie snorted. “That was THE worst scary story ever. My DOG has done scarier things than that!!”

Sarah huffed. “Well excuse me for trying to tell a descent scary story at a sleepover!” she said.

It was 9:30 and Emily had invited Lizzie, Sarah, Jade and Rebecca to a sleepover.

“This is boring. Let’s do dares!!” suggested Rebecca.

“Yeah, that’s cool,” Jade agreed. “Me first! I dare Emily to… um…”

While she was thinking, Jade glanced out the window and spotted the old, ramshackle house at the end of the road. They called it The Freak House. According to the legends, it was supposedly owned by some crazy dude who had killed his wife and three children. Everyone knew that the stories weren’t true, but it did look awfully sinister, sitting at the end of the road…

“Emily, I dare you to go inside the Freak House!” Jade declared.

Emily shook her head. “No way, that’s just going too far, Jade.”

“Come on, Emily,” Sarah whined. “We’ll all go in with you.”

“Yeah let’s do that!” everyone said.

Minutes later, Emily was standing at the front door of The Freak House. The night was cold and it was beginning to rain. Lizzie, Sarah, Jade and Rebecca huddled together on the porch. Emily reached out and opened the door. A cold chill rushed over all of them as they stepped inside.

The door shut behind them and their eyes adjusted to the darkness. Then, out of the corner of her eye, Emily saw a dead girl hanging from the rafters. They turned to leave, but the door was locked. They began to freak out.

All of the sudden, a creepy man came out of the other room and said, “Young girls never leave my house alive.”

Emily turned and pounded on the door. The man grabbed her by the hair and the other girls tried to fight him off, but it was too late. She was already dead. The man ripped her heart out and left her lying there on the floor.

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  • Lolwut. That was weird. Lol. While I was scrolling down, I spotted the picture and it scared the crap outta me. xD Anyways, FirstTimeFirstComment~! This story is strangely funny though. Haha~!

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