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Mexican Hotel

Mexican Hotel

The Mexican Hotel is a stupid story about the ghost of a little boy who haunts a hotel in Mexico where his head fell off.

Mexican Hotel

In Mexico, there is an old hotel which people say is haunted. It isn’t the whole hotel that is haunted, it’s just one room. Room 549. It is haunted by the ghost of a little boy. He was living in that Mexican hotel, with his father and the father went out to do his work around the hotel and the boy was always left alone to play. He was never let out of the room.

Then one day 2 mental patients came into the hotel with loaded guns and started shooting everybody. They killed all the people inhabiting the rooms from Room 1 to Room 548. Then they came to Room 549 and knocked the door down with their guns and grabbed the boy by his shirt and carried him down to the lobby where the father of the boy was being guarded by 3 different mental patients. They killed the boy in front of his father by hitting the back of his neck with their guns until his head fell off. And that is how he died.

Now, the boy haunts Room 549, waiting until his father comes back. It is said that whoever comes to sleep in Room 549 is found dead in the morning and their head falls off. However, the room hasn’t been used by the hotel for 200 years. They say if you knock on the door, a little boy’s voice will say, “Daddy? Have you come back to tell me why my head fell off?” and then the door will open and a ghost will try to pull you into the room and kill you in your sleep.

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  • Grr come on this WEBSITE ROCKS.YAY SCARY FOR KIDS!The only things I don’t neccicerely like much in the website is Chainletters and Japinese Legends!lol byezees

  • not so scary i do not understand that boy died in the lobby
    but his spirit is in room nunber 549 ??

  • Okayyyy, this story was pretty lame.But I still have to admit the ending was a bit scary. But still I gotta admit; I agree with Midnight Spirit, RjLovesLifex3,katie4894, scream XD and queen of chills. It was pretty lame. ANd if anyone of you guys could recall: The first part did say; The Mexican Hotel is a stupid story about the ghost of a little boy who haunts a hotel in Mexico where his head fell off.

    They said it was a STUPID story. WOW!

    Why are some stories always like this? The kind of story that someone dies or gets killed by another person then in the end their ghost just haunts people or kills people too. The endings get WAY to predictable and annoying.

    Stay Cool, Stay EPIC.

  • yeah no beacause if a boy is killed in a hotel hes gonna wanna kill everybody as a ghost isnt he cuz thts what all little boys do isnt it?

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