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Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup is a stupid story about a girl who keeps getting weird text messages so she calls her phone network and asks them to trace the cellphone that is sending the messages.

Reverse Phone Lookup

“OMG! Aaaaaaah! My phone!”, I screamed.

“What happened to it?”, asked my friend Tina. “The screen’s all cracked!”

“I dropped it”, I replied. “I guess I’ll have to take it to get it fixed.”

The very next day, I took it to get repaired. Two weeks later, I got it back. Everything seemed fine at first, but then something weird happened. Every time I touched it, I felt something grip my hand.

The first time it happened I screamed.

“OMG! Aaaaaaah! My phone! Ohmygodsomethingjusttouchedme!” I shrieked.

“Calm down”, said Tina.

I calmed down. For a while.

Then, the texts started…

“YOU WILL DIE!” read the first text.

“I WILL KILL YOU!” read the second.

“NO ONE WILL MISS YOU!” read the third.

The phone number they came from was unknown so I decided to just ignore them. Until I got the fourth text. That was the scariest one of all.

When I opened it, there was just a picture of a bloody knife with “TIME TO DIE” written underneath in red.

The instant I finished reading it, the lights blew out and I heard someone breathing right behind me. I ran outside the house and made a call to my phone network.

“Uh…Hi there,” I said. “I’m getting weird text messages on my phone. Can you do some sort of reverse phone lookup or something?”

The woman on the phone said they don’t usually tell you where the texts come from. But this time they told me.

The texts were sent from a phone buried in the park… The phone was owned by a person who had died and was now buried there…

I screamed.


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