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French Fries

French Fries

The French Fries is a stupid story about a lazy boy who works in his father’s fast food restaurant.

French Fries

Always Check The French Fries

In a small town, there was a popular fast food restaurant. The owner was a hard-working man, but he had a son named Derek who was very lazy. The father was short of staff so he hired his son to work for the summer.

One evening, Derek’s father was called away on business, so he had to leave Derek in charge of the restaurant. His father left french fries in the deep fat fryer and as he was leaving, he warned Derek to check the fries. But, being a lazy you-know-what, Derek soon forgot about checking the fries.

Suddenly, the phone rang and when Derek answered it, a creepy voice said “Have you checked the fries?”

Derek thought it was his father checking up on him so he said everything was just fine and hung up without checking the french fries. A few minutes later, the phone rang again and the creepy voice said “When are you going to check the fries?”

Derek just laughed and hung up again. A few minutes later, the phone rang a third time and the creepy voice said “I strongly advise you to check on those fries!”

Derek decided he better check on the fries, so he lifted the pan out of the deep fat fryer. Suddenly, he screamed and recoiled in horror. Instead of french fries, it was the severed head of his father.

Worse still, it was only half-fried.

Even worse, there was a note attached to it that read “I told you to check the fries!”

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