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Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is a scary story for kids about a girl who is asked to babysit for a couple when they go out to dinner. It is another variation of the well-known babysitter story.

Black Coffee

A mother and father were setting out to have dinner. They wanted one blessed evening of peace, so they called a local girl to babysit their baby.

The girl came over to the house and said goodbye to the parents, assuring them that the baby would be fine and nothing would go wrong and to enjoy their evening.

When the girl returned to the house, she found the baby sleeping calmly in his crib. The girl went downstairs with the baby monitor and watched television.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and the baby monitor switched off. The girl was alarmed.

“What on Earth…” she gasped.

But then the phone rang and she quickly picked it up praying it wouldn’t be the parents.

“Hello!” she said trying to sound calm.

But a cackling voice answered her, “Black coffee! Black coffee! I’m in the bedroom! I’ve got the baby…”

The girl ran upstairs to find the baby wide awake but wrapped in a black shawl. She ripped it off the baby and ran downstairs. She put the baby in the kitchen and ran to the toilet for a quick break.

But the phone rang again and she answered it.

“Black coffee, black coffee, I’m in the kitchen I’ve got the baby…”

The girl ran to the kitchen to find the baby wearing a bright red wig. She tore it off the baby and put the baby in the attic, and disconnected the phones.

Then her mobile phone rang…

“Black coffee! Black coffee! I’m in the attic! I’ve got the baby…”

The girl screamed and put the baby outside in the garden. Her mobile phone rang again.

“Black coffee! Black coffee! I’m in the garden! I’ve killed the baby…”

The girl ran outside to find a tangled mess of flesh glistening under the streetlamps. All of a sudden, she heard cackling laugh behind her and she turned around…

The baby sat on the window sill, wearing the black shawl and the red wig, cackling loudly. Then the girl felt a sharp pain in her back and blood started oozing out of it. The baby jumped on to her and started tearing at her throat, making her scream and scream and scream.

When the parents arrived home they saw the baby eating the babysitter and the Dad said, “Oh no! Not again!”

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