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Hammer and Nails

Hammer and Nails

Hammer and Nails is a scary story about three children who died under mysterious circumstances.

Hammer and Nails

The Webster family moved into their new home in early December 1964. Mike and Meryl were a happily married couple and they had three children, Catherine, 8, Kaylee, 7 and little Charlie who was 5.

Shortly after they moved in, the girls started to report strange things to their parents. They said that their younger brother Charlie was talking in his sleep about a man that lived in the toy chest.

The toy chest was actually an old wooden trunk that the parents had picked up at a flea market. They put it in the back bedroom and used it to store the childrens’ toys.

The next day, at breakfast, the mother asked Charlie about the man in the toy chest.

“Hammer and nails,” Charlie answered.

Whenever she asked him about the man in the toy chest, all he would say was “Hammer and nails.”

One night, Mike and Meryl were awakened by the screams of all three children. Both parents rushed down the short hallway and burst into the children’s bedroom. When they turned on the lights, they were greeted by a horrific scene.

All three children had been strangled and their hands and feet had been nailed to the walls.

When the police were called, they could not figure out what had happened or who had killed the Webster children. To this day, the mystery still has not been solved.

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