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Black Box

Black Box

Black Box is a scary story for kids about a woman who murders her husband and stuff his remains in a big black box.

Black Box

There was once a young married couple who had a baby. The father wanted to name the baby Nicholas. The mother wanted to name him Jack. They had a big argument about this issue, and, as a result, the mother flew into a murderous rage and killed the father.

Desperate to get rid of the evidence, she chopped him up into tiny pieces and locked him in a big black box. Then she drove 50 miles away to the river, and chucked the box into the river.

That night, as she went to bed she heard a sound.

“Black box, Black box, 50 miles away!”

The woman was scared, but kept thinking it was all in her head. 2 Minutes later:

“Black box, black box, 20 miles away!”

Now the woman was really scared and got up to check on her baby. Nothing was there, so she went back to bed. Then a few minutes later, she heard:

“Black box, black box, coming up your street!”

Now the woman was terrified. She just stayed in bed, hoping it was just a dream. But then she heard the front door open.

“Black box, black box, I’m coming in your house”

Then there were knocks on the stairs, like someone was coming upstairs.

“Black box, black box, I’m coming up your stairs.”

She heard a creak of a door and:

“Black box, black box, I’m killing your baby!”

She then heard her baby scream. Then she heard what sounded like footsteps coming closer to her room.

“Black box, black box, I’m coming to kill YOU!”

There was a scream and then suddenly everything was silent in the house. The woman and baby were found dead the next morning. There was blood everywhere, but no sign of who or what had killed them.

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