Urban Legends

Scary urban legends, myths and true ghost stories to read online. Tell these scary stories and horror tales around the campfire, at bedtime or on Halloween night. Check out dark and terrifying myths and legends from all over the world, including Japanese, Mexican, Korean and Chinese. Read them and decide whether they are true or false, real or fake.

Urban Legends

Scary Urban Legends
The 13th Floor


  1. Dog fan says

    What about the 6th clinic? Its a hospital where you can gain anything but you age quickly then you die

  2. Aaron devilborn says

    SFK where the hell is Aaron devilborn on this list.I think you people don’t know about him.Let me tell you about him.In 1666 there was a young teenage boy called Aaron Lawrence of 15 years who lived in texas.He never received any love from his parents or friends.He was very kind hearted and always helped people even the people who hated him.He was bullied regularly and he came home bruised.He never had any grudge with the boys and although his parebts hated him he always cared for them.One day he met a beautiful girl and he fell in love with her.He went to her and before he could speak anythingShe told him to come to her house at night.He agreed and left.At night he came to her house and saw that the house was very old and dilipated.He saw the girl waiting for him outside.He walked upto her entered her house.She told him”I have been waiting for you Aaron and I know everything about you”.Aaron was surprised and asked her how come she knew his name.She replied”You don’t even know everything about yourself.Your real name is is not Aaron lawrence but Aaron devilborn because your parents are not your real parents.Your father is the devil himself .Next part is just to gory and grotesque so I cant write it sorry

  3. Dobbyisfree says

    For everyone who looked at my stories and/or followed me on Wattpad, thanks soooo much. Really, it means a lot!!! 😜

  4. Death Queen says

    Guys I really wanna read purple mirror but I’m really scared because it says if you remember this phrase when your 20 years old you will die. I have a great memory of scary things for some reason. So has anyone read it when they were a child and now they’re 20 years old and they didn’t die?

  5. Dobbyisfree says

    Hey, guys! If you have an account on Wattpad, a website where people write and read stories, could you possibly check out my scary stories? I’m Emma_Luna, and my collection of stories is “Curiously Creepy Tales”. I might be doing another one.
    Thanks, ‘Dobbyisfree’/’Emma_Luna’
    Follow, vote, comment if you are so obliged. If you comment, say you’re from Scary website|Scaryforkids. I’d like to know!

  6. HissingKitty says

    Did you know if you go into the bathroom at 3:00am, put your finger on the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times, your mom will tell you to shut up and go to bed?

  7. DemonicQueenzilla says

    SFK you should make stories like “Bloody Mary”. I love your stories! (Some are not even enough to scare a little kid though :P). Bring in more scary stories! :3

  8. DiabeticABCs says

    SFK should make Phillipines ghost stories/urban legends! I love Phillipines ghost stories and urban legends! I once read about their ghosts and some of them are quite scary! Please make PHILLIPINES!

  9. LadyAthena says

    It’s a house in Philadelphia. Each floor is scarier than the last. You pay and sign a waiver to get in. If you make it to the 13th floor, you could get a full refund, an extravagant prize, or you are trapped there. The stories vary. But very few have made it to the 13th floor, and those that have come back can’t even talk about it with out suffering a mental breakdown. Even more alarming, no one knows where this building is! It doesn’t exist. Yet, people somehow visit it every year.

    Honestly, there is a two story house in my neighborhood that freaks me out. Why would I want to find this place? But it was interesting to find all this info on the 13th floor legend.

  10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R says

    Hi SFK! Can you make a section for Philippine mythical creatures and urban legend? then i will help you to contribute what i have known to them :)

  11. izayafan says

    I have been waiting for the 13th floor, for what seems forever but it seems like its still not there or maybe I can’t open it… anyways amazing stories

  12. DisabledZombie says

    Read all of them a long while ago. Carmen Winstead was one of my faves. Can you post new Korean urban legends?

  13. haunteddoll says

    Some stupid kid @ my school decided to tell these stories to the little grade 1s going there.Poor Kids were traumatized

  14. djanegoth says

    Just made an account after reading this awesome site for 3 years :) keeps gettin scarier:-)

  15. kissme123 says

    Poor Bloody Mary, she’s a nice girl, she just needs friends. Do you pity Carmen Winstead? Then you should be against all bullies. Her classmates were bad so don’t do that to your classmates be nice even if shes new thats the lesson you learned :)

  16. Paradise says

    SFK why are you so awesome? P.S. could you start posting more Japanese and Korean legends!? They’re the scariest!

  17. eerie says

    yes im with you ‘horror_obessed’. some stories may seem inapropriate but i belive this site knows whats right for ‘their’ ‘readers or viewers’! yes kimberly i agree with you!!!!! i was the ‘slit mouthed woman’ for halloween!!! and i scared ALOT of my peers! :D

  18. horror_obsessed says

    Does anybody else think sfk should post mexican urban legends on here too I mean come on is anybody with me ?

  19. kimberly says

    these urban legends are Awesome but i love the japanese legends kinda better though i wish sfk would ad some more japanese legends like The Slit Mouth Woman. :D SFK is the best site ever!!!

  20. Dont take me seriously says

    Did you know? Some of the stories on this site are actually cursed and have bad effects.

  21. taintedangel666 says

    @SFK I love the urban legends!! I’ve read every urban legend on this site!! Please can you add more!?

  22. EGOESMOO says

    I think you should do a story on ‘The Zalgo.’
    She scares me XD.

  23. Puerto Rican Thunder228 says

    After about 5 years ive decided to make an account!
    i love this site and i love the pace your going
    keep up the good work!

  24. Icyblu4211 says

    Love the website! But it needs more Sci-Fi stories. You know, creepy viruses, alien invasions/abductions that sort of thing. Not just monsters or unrealistic versions of these types. It would be pretty cool to get an alien-ghost story on this website. You know, as long as they’re original and not so cliche.

    *Zombie stories don’t count*

  25. dark_ lord_ kids says

    WOW!!!!!! Say bloody mary 3 times at 12:00 in the bathroom and look into the mirror and bloody mary will come. SUPERCOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!XP

  26. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    These are very Creepy legends! Especially, Humans can lick too, and the Japanese ones.

  27. horrorqueen says

    I love japanese urban legends, they always make it where its hard for me to sleep at night! But they are still my fav <.3

  28. silverlightning97 says

    Japanese Urban Legends are my favorite!!! Especially Teke-teke. This website is the coolest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Lunadawn16 says

    Urban legends are awesome but they really freak me out.. especially the Japanese ones..!

  30. jacobbrenenrobert says

    Well i find a lot of these stories a little scary for young children.My friends little sister who is eight had read a few of these stories and now she is scared strait she wont even use the bathroom by herself.But, these stories are pretty good especaily the japenese ones.

  31. pinkKaygana says

    the pic for under the bed is so scary, so i dont want to read it. but even if i do, ill be glad that my bed is not one of those that you can hide under. but then what about my parent’s bed? my dad just said that there cant be anything under my bed cuz first: theres this huge box that takes up all of the space under it and second: my brother’s dirty socks all around it XD oh and my bathroom is also guarded by my dad’s underwear! ROFL!!!

  32. Shadow says

    me n my friend Ericha love to tell scary stories she loves mine she says “they are the scariest stories on earth” and i got them from this website. this website has the good stories, but the best storys are on this page. I <3 scaryforkids!!

  33. bethany says

    omq these are hekka scary! especcilly “white qhost”! i couldnt sleep after i read this!

  34. Ravz55 says

    I love this website! I read ‘Humans Can Lick Too’ and I couldn’t sleep at night!

  35. apes18 says

    This site is cool. I often go for school tours with my friends. They love listening to my stories. Now I can really scare them.

  36. SilentKnight says

    This site is awesome, and I looked up these urban myths before. This site stays true to the overall story. What you guys need to add is a section about the Jersey Devil, Dover Demon, El Chubacabra, the Frall, etc. or maybe a “Scary Cryptozoology” section that has all those including the Mothman.

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