Scary Poems

Scary poems for kids, teenagers and adults. Dark poems by famous authors, Halloween poetry, sad poems, scary funny rhymes and horror poems.

Scary Poems

Scary Poems
Horror Poems


  1. Skaryforkiddos1 says

    Aww this is amazing than EVER!! I love poems and my friend says she not scared of anything and I’m going to WRITE Down the SCARIEST one and show her and she’s gonna freak out!! xD

  2. -razorbladeluv- says

    i love all of these poems. meh fves are Mary Shaw, Little Match Girl, Freddy’s Nightmares, Teddy Bear, Happy Pets, Burning Eyes, Little Orphan Annie, The Alphabet Song, The Man Who Wasn’t There cuz it reminds me of MJ, The Red Barn, and Seeing Things. :P

  3. scarylady123 says

    im 12 and these stories and poems maybe scary but theyre better than my brother all fat and hairy theyre weird and stuff but i read them aloud to show the kids im buff i thank you for all youve done but more stories are better than one….

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