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Hangman’s Noose

Hangman’s Noose

The Hangman’s Noose is a scary poem about a dead man who vows to get revenge on his executioner.

The Hangman's Noose

The Hangman’s Noose

They hanged John Farrell till he was dead
At dawn in the marketplace;
At dusk the Hangman walked up to him
And spat upon his face.

“Just take a look,” the Hangman cried,
“Behold, John Farrell’s fate!
“It’s proven here the hangman’s noose
Is stronger than man’s hate!

For you all heard John Farrell’s vow
To take revenge on me.
But now in death, see how he hangs
high on the gallows tree!”

Yet never a word the people spoke,
in fear and shocked surprise,
For the grisly corpse raised up his head
And stared with sightless eyes.

And with strange motions, slow and stiff,
He pointed and the crowd did gasp
As he clambered down the gallows tree,
the noose clutched in his grasp.

With his mouth agape, the Hangman stood
like a statue made of stone,
Till the dead man laid a clammy hand
hard on his shoulder bone.

The Hangman shrieked like a soul in hell;
The blood drained from his face
He turned and ran, in fear of his life
through the screaming marketplace;

And close behind, the dead man came,
His face a seething, pallid mask,
The dead arms cracked and stiff legs creaked
As they performed their final task.

The townsfolk fled from the fearsome sight
And they hid and held their breath,
For they saw the terror in the Hangman’s eyes
As he was singled out by death.

He tripped and fell, got up again,
And on and on he fled;
So through the empty marketplace,
The dying man fled the dead.

At the river’s bank, the Hangman fell
with a scream that rent the skies;
Across him fell John Farrell’s corpse,
Never again to rise.

The Hangman’s body bore no wounds,
But his brow was cold and damp.
The fear of death snuffed out his life
Like the wind blows out a lamp.

Upon his lips, a horrid grin.
His eyes were black as coals.
The men that saw his face that day,
Say the sight still haunts their souls.

The Hangman found such a fitting end,
a strange, unearthly fate;
For stronger than death or a hangman’s noose
Is the force of a dead man’s hate.

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  • Wow. Excellent poem. The choice of words fits the situation perfectly.

  • Great poem, but all I can think of is yippee kai yeah yippee kai yooooo. ghost riders in the sky!

  • omg awseome! i wonder if hes related 2 edgar allen poe or the guy that wrote the house on a lake… just wondering :3

  • I’m sorry if I didn’t post this in “tell me a story” I just want you guys to see it…
    @scaryforkids please post this xDD
    Title: The Wish
    She’s staring at me… her eyes filled with anger.I can’t move, it’s like I was paralyzed by fear. She’s coming towards me, the sound of her feet dragging against the shaggy carpet, leaving a trail of blood. She grabs my shirt and pulls me close to her. I can see her empty eye sockets, her colorless face pressing against mine. Oh how I regret what I’ve done. I shouldn’t have done that. I can see the rope I used to hang my dog , the knife I used to stab my cat and the basin of water i drowned my parrot with. I killed my pets just to make 3 wishes. An old lady told me about this..”if you sacrifice three living things using a rope, knife and a basin of water, you will get 3 wishes.” since I didn’t have plants, I used my pets. And she used the exact line people in the movies say after they give instructions to make a wish. ” Be careful what you wish for.” I did it since my parents and my brother were out. I hope I can undo my wish. But it’s too late. She’s already here, my wish is here, to kill me. How I wish my family’s here instead of my pets.. My head is spinning. Probably because I’m about to die. Wait! Why are there bodies here? they weren’t here before. And where are my pets? Oh my God those ARE my family!! Plea–….
    The lady slashed a knife through my neck.. I can hear someone coming inside… an old woman? She’s talking..
    ” One wish left, what would it be?” she said in a low voice.
    ” I wish I could go back in time before this happened.”
    “Wish Granted” she said with a smile on her face.
    She’s staring at me… her eyes filled with anger.I can’t move, it’s like I was paralyzed by fear. She’s coming towards me, the sound of her feet dragging against the……….

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