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Old Woman

There Was an Old Woman all Skin and Bone is a scary funny poem that kids have been singing in schoolyards for over 100 years.

Old Woman

Old Woman All Skin And Bone

There was an old woman all skin and bone
Who lived near the graveyard all alone.

She thought she’d go to church one day
To hear the preacher sing and pray.

And when she came to the graveyard stile
She thought she’d stop and rest awhile.

And when she came to the old church door
She stopped to rest a little more.

But when she turned and looked around
She saw a corpse upon the ground.

The worms crawled out, the worms crawled in
From up his nose down to his chin

The worms crawled in, the worms crawled out,
Across his eyes, his ears and mouth.

The woman to the preacher said,
“Will I look like that when I am dead?”

“You already do”, the preacher said
“You’re skin and bone because you’re dead!”

The woman fainted with the shock
And split her head on a sharp rock.

They buried the woman all skin and bone
But from the grave they heard her moan.

“I’m not yet dead” the woman cried.
“You will be soon”, the priest replied.


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