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Butcher Boy

Butcher Boy

The Butcher Boy is a scary horror poem for Halloween. It was inspired by a song and is based on a group of real-life murderers in Ireland who became bogeymen in a scary story parents would tell their children at bedtime.

Butcher Boy

The Butcher Boy is coming out tonight
You better shut all your windows tight
He’s sharpening his cleaver and his knife
And drinking whiskey by the pint

A wicked wind blows through the empty streets
He’s hacking up everyone he meets
He guts them from their bottom to their top
The Butcher Boy is crazy and he’s never going to stop

He’s after all the little boys and girls
Slicing off their ribbons, cutting off their curls
Everybody moan, everybody shake
The Butcher Boy will catch you if you wake

He used to be just like me and you
But then something went horribly askew
He used to be a sweet little boy
Now killing is his only source of joy

Tonight the Butcher Boy is on the rise
Killing kids and plucking out their eyes
None of them have a chance to fight
He always waits until the dead of night

He’s chopping off their fingers with his knives
Slitting their throats and snuffing out their lives
Listening to their final moans and sighs
And wiping off his cleaver on their thighs

If you don’t go to sleep before midnight
You won’t live to see the morning light
If he hears you moan and hears you shake
The Butcher Boy will catch you when you wake.

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