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Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly is a creepy poem and murder ballad about a young girl who wants a man to marry her.

Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly

In Ireland there is a county called Clare
A pretty young girl named Polly lived there.
She met a young man and she held him dear,
The poor girl thought she had nothing to fear.

He visited Polly early one day,
With a ring in his hand and to her he did say:
“Polly, my darling, you must come with me.
You asked me to marry you. Now we will see.”

He led her through woods and into the shade,
Then turned to the girl and pulled out a blade.
Polly asked, “Why have you led me astray?”
He replied, “I mean to kill you today.”

“I beg you,” said Polly, “Please spare my life,
I will not force you to make me your wife.
I’ll leave you alone and so you’ll be free.
Just have mercy on my baby and me.”

“There’s no time for talking, your life it won’t save,
For all night long I’ve been digging your grave.”
He laughed as the poor girl started to cry.
Then with his sharp knife, he said his goodbyes.

He buried her body safe and secure,
No one could find her, of that he was sure.
Then he left on a ship and sailed the world round,
Thinking the girl’s corpse would never be found.

But when he returned and came into shore,
Detectives were waiting and knocked on his door.
They said, “Your girl Polly was under the ground.
There’s a killer at large and he must be found.”

The young man was quick to say, “It’s not me!”
Then leaned back and smiled, as cool as can be.
They believed him when he stood up to swear,
“I never killed no one, I vow and declare.”

Now as he lay in bed that very night,
Polly appeared in a ghostly, white light.
She grabbed him and ripped him and tore him in three,
And screamed, “That’s revenge for my baby and me!”

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