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Halloween Poems


  • I have a poem for you!!!!!

    I cried as she died
    I thought it was all in my head
    As I killed her from under the bed

  • I made a poem it’s not Halloweenish but it’s a poem
    There was a boy named billy
    All the others called him silly
    He ate a knife
    And that took his life
    That silly boy billy

  • Once upon a time in Ancient Egypt a Pharaoh in Egypt slowly lost his mind when his bride was murdered by thieves. At random times he would become really mad for no reason. When his slaves realized what was going on they tried to stop it but they couldn’t because the pharaoh slaughtered them all. When he was done he quietly placed the bodies in the Nile and ran home. When he realized what he had done he ran to the Nile and used its water to create a potion that makes you live forever. He drank it and tried to kill himself but couldn’t so he went home to his palace. The next week the Egyptians got suspicious of him after a lady went missing after she had stepped on his foot by accident. The Egyptians stormed the castle and tried to kill the pharaoh but couldn’t. The pharaoh then ran out of the castle with people chasing him. They never found him. People say that he settled down and found himself a wife and had children. People also say that the children and the wife have eternal youth as well. He still is crazy and his children go on murderous rampages. How do I know this? I am one of his children.


  • Love these poems! Doesn’t anyone come here? Is that why I’m…

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