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Littlest Zombie

Littlest Zombie

The Littlest Zombie is a funny poem for Halloween written by sakamake.

Littlest Zombie

In a desolate town, where the citizens frown,
Lived the littlest zombie of all.
When the others would hunt, they excluded the runt:
He was simply too fragile and small.

But one ominous eve, he began to believe
In his latent, unrealized potential.
He would follow the pack to that evening’s attack
(Their permission was less than essential).

So he groaned and he lurched, while he hungrily searched
For the ones that had banished and mocked him,
But arriving anon where the others had gone,
He beheld something tragic that shocked him.

All the other undead were devoid of their heads,
For a terrible death trap awaited:
Those who entered the glade soon encountered a blade
Meant to render them decapitated.

Then he heard it occurring, the buzzing and whirring
That marked the insidious saw,
But he weathered that plight all because of his height–
Which he once had considered a flaw!

Thus the zombie returned, with his lesson well-learned:
It is not always best to be vast.
Whether man, ghoul or beast, it may be that the least
Will stand tall in the end, as the last.

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