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Stone Wall

Stone Wall

The Stone Wall is a spooky Halloween poem about a young man who goes to the local cemetery in hopes of seeing a ghost.

Stone Wall

I went down to the graveyard
And sat on an old stone wall;
“If ghosts really exist,” I thought,
“I’ll see them, once and for all.”

The night was dark, the moon was full,
The wind blew through the trees.
Down in the village the clock struck twelve
But no ghosts did I see.

A man passed by, a pale-faced man,
He paused by a sunken mound.
“Aren’t you scared of the ghosts?” he asked,
“I’ve heard they walk around…”

I told him all about ghosts and ghouls
And grisly things that crawl.
I told him of things I had never seen,
Sitting on that graveyard wall.

And as I spoke, the moon grew dim,
An eerie mist appeared,
And all at once I realized,
The man had disappeared.

I lost a slipper as I fled ―
And bumped against a post,
But nevertheless I knew that I
Had finally seen a ghost.

If you go down to the graveyard,
And sit on that old stone wall,
Talk about things you’ve never seen
And then you’ll see them all.

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