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Kids Poems

Kids Poems

Scary Kids Poems and verse for children. All these poems and many more can be found in the book, “The Spook Matinee and Other Scary Poems for Kids” by George Ulrich.

Kids Poems

The Spook Matinee

I love horror movies,
They make my skin creep.
I sit down in front
On the edge of my seat.
While up on the screen
Ghouls rise from the mud.
Monsters wreak havoc,
And vampires suck blood.
I love being frightened
It tops off my day
To be in this theater
At the Spook Matinee.

Kids Poems

Home Sweet Home

Trolls live under bridges
Ghouls hang in trees
Ogres crouch in tunnels
And specters haunt the breeze.
It’s spooky out there,
It’s really a fright!
I’m going to stay home
And turn on the light.
If you think I’ll go out
You’ve got rocks in your head.
I’ll be in my bedroom
Hiding under the bed!

Kids Poems

Who’s There?

Footsteps in the attic,
Moaning in the hall.
Peering around the corner,
I see no one there at all…

Kids Poems

Getting There

Dracula the vampire
Sleeps in his coat and hat.
When he gets up to go to work
He turns into a bat.
Zombies lurch and stagger
Goblins take the bus.
Wizards ride the subway
Just like the rest of us.
Witches fly on broomsticks,
Mummies take the train,
Frankenstein rides a bicycle
While looking for his brain.
There are many ways to travel
I’ve tried out quite a few
And found it’s better not to know
Who’s sitting next to you.

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