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Whos That

Whos That

Who’s That is a short scary poem about creepy things lurking in the dark.

Who's That

Who’s that knocking at my door
Moving silently across the floor
Who’s that lurking in my hall
Tapping lightly on my wall

Who’s that hiding in my shed
Is it something scary, something dead?
Who’s that rustling in the dark
Something caused my dog to bark

Who’s that crawling up the tree
Peeking in and watching me
Who’s that in the blackness deep
Towards my house I hear it creep

Who’s that calling on the phone
Looking in when I’m all alone
Who’s that giving me a fright
Scaring me so late at night

Who’s that in my bathroom mirror
Shadows growing, drawing nearer
Who’s that crawling up my stair
I want to look but do not dare

Who’s that turning the handle around
Opening my door without a sound
Who’s that playing with my toys
They move around but there’s no noise

Who’s that in my attic room
cracking and rattling in the gloom
Who’s that lounging in my chair
It rocks and rocks but no-one’s there

Who’s that creeping in my window
I hide my head beneath my pillow
Who’s that whispering in my ear
My heart beats with tremendous fear

Who’s that tugging at my bed
Or is this all inside my head?
Who’s that when no-one is there
And something lightly touched my hair

And something brushed against my face
And on my cheek I felt it place
A horrid slimy cold dead kiss
Who’s that saying “Who is this?”

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  • My poem:

    My name is Fred
    And I am dead
    In my bed
    Now I’m in your shed

    And now you see why I am not a famous poet.

  • @KayKay
    Some of that I recognise as Monster by Skillet.

    “It’s scratching on the walls,
    in the closet, in the halls
    It comes awake and I can’t control it
    Hiding under the bed,
    in my body, in my head
    Why won’t somebodycome and save me from this,
    make it end?”

  • I’m gonna post some random poem I wrote.
    I’m hiding under your bed
    In your body
    In your head
    I’m scratchin’ on the walls
    In the closet
    In the halls
    I’m bouncing in your mind
    In your thoughts
    Until the end of time.

    I know, it’s short, I was really lazy XD

  • Ok i. Gonna try to write a poem

    Hide and seek
    Im under the bed
    Its searching for me
    The beast is undead
    Its menacing cackle
    As it walks towards me
    He looks beneath the bed
    And thatswhen he said
    Ifound you!! Now you Die!
    You know the rules!
    When it drawed its knife,
    And plungded it through
    My heart
    and drew me to
    The world i knew
    But never seen
    Be careful
    You may be next

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