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Acid Rain

Acid Rain

Acid Rain is a scary poem for kids that tells the haunting tale of a careless child who goes for a walk in the rain and finds his body is slowly being dissolved into tiny bits.

I went out walking in the rain,
but I won’t do that ever again.
The rain came down in heavy drops
It washed away my shoes and socks

It washed the hair off from my head
It took my ears and I turned red
I watched my eyebrows float away
My nose dropped off the other way

My lips went next and then my teeth
I saw them floating underneath
my feet, but then my feet went too
Oh dear, whatever could I do?

My knees turned muddy, then fell off
I opened up my mouth to cough
My jaw fell down and hit the ground
My arms were soft and runny
My bellybutton washed away
It really wasn’t funny

A puddle formed which once was me
The sun came out to dry it
And if you don’t believe this poem
Next time it rains, you try it!

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