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Cute Little Girls

Cute Little Girls

Cute Little Girls is a spooky poem by Writepop about a babysitter who is left in charge of three little girls who are not as sweet and innocent as they first appear.

Cute Little Girls

Three cute little girls, each smiling sweetly,
Brushed their teeth and combed their hair neatly.
They crawled into bed and said goodnight
Then their mother switched off the light

Mother and Father were planning a date
Dinner and dancing would keep them out late
They hired a girl with hair long and blond
To watch the kids while they weren’t around

The sitter said, “Goodbye, go have a ball!”
And went to the kitchen to make a phonecall
She ordered two pizzas, two extra larges
And headed upstairs to check on her charges

When she got to the bedroom, something was wrong
The sound of chanting and a strange, whispered song,
The girls snapped upright and threw back the sheets
Now was the time to stop being so sweet

They leaped on top of the poor babysitter
Pulled out her hair and kicked her and bit her
They tied her with ropes and dragged her upstairs
And chained her to some old, broken chairs

The three little girls played a wicked game
Calling things from afar that have no name
In the attic, they drew a five pointed star,
A nine-horned goat and a woman with scars

Then, holding hands, they recited a curse
To summon into our pale universe
A creature that preys on our innermost fears
A thing that lay dormant for many long years

The attic walls vanished, the darkness crawled in
A creature emerged that craved human skin
A sound like wind, and vast wings being spread
The girls gave a name to this nameless dread

“It’s not time for bed and it’s not time for tea,
The cute little girls chanted with glee.
“Mother dwells in between her world and ours
And holds back the things from beyond the stars

“Now!” screamed the girls, “You trembling coward,
You shall have the honor of being devoured.
Just think of how happy and joyful you’ll be
In the belly of a demon for all eternity”

The thing grabbed the throat of the poor babysitter
And silenced her screams as its claws they did slit her
Then the creature dragged her to its resting place
Somewhere outside of time and beyond all space.

It tore her flesh with teeth without number
And retired for another year’s slumber
The cute little girls thought it was nice
That the demon enjoyed tonight’s sacrifice

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