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Black Death

Black Death

The Black Death is a dark poem about the plague and the Grim Reaper. There are some similarities to The Masque of the Red Death. It is based on a song called “Lady Waters and The Hooded One”.

Black Death

“Will you dance with me, Lady Waters?”
And a bony hand plucked her gown
“Will you dance with me,” said the Hooded One
“For the plague has now reached this town.”

“No, I will not dance,” said the Lady,
“For I know that your name is Death.”
And behind her mask she was sweating
At the Hooded One’s fetid breath

“Will you dance with me, Lady Waters?
For the fire dies in your grate
Your guests are gone, your husband sleeps
And the plague has reached your estate.”

“Then I’ll dance with you,” said the Lady,
“For the stars grow pale in the dawn
But first I must fetch my cloak
For I left it out on the lawn.”

“Then fetch your cloak, my dear Lady”
And his eyes like coals did burn
“You must give me all, you must taste my breath
The moment that you return.”

“Very well,” she said from behind her mask
“You may take from me what is mine:
I’ll return to you and submit to you.”
And the Hooded One, he said “Fine.”

She came back to him and took off her mask
And the Hooded One, he recoiled
What he thought was sweat on her face and hands
Turned out to be blisters and boils

“You must take from me all I have,” she said
“You must take it all with good grace:
For I have the plague on my body
And I have the plague on my face.”

The Hooded One took her house and lands
He took every fork, every knife
And he took the plague and he left her there
With nothing but her life.

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