Haunted Hotels

The most famous haunted hotels you can stay the night in America and England. Read scary true ghost stories about the best hotels to visit when you travel in New Orleans, San Diego, San Antonio, Texas, Gettysburg, Arizona, Colorado, Savannah, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and San Francisco. Explore the terrifying history of these famous scary places and haunted locations.

Haunted Hotel

More Haunted Hotels

Anchorage Hotel
Sagamore Hotel
Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver.
Red Lion Hotel in England.
MGM Hotel in Las Vegas.
Langham Hotel in London.
Flanders Hotel in New Jersey.
Surf City in New Jersey.
Adams County in Ohio.
Driskill Hotel
Hotel Galvez
Dolphin Hotel


  1. TelekineticKid34 says

    They better be 5 star hotels….. I what good hotel is one that doesn’t have ghosts??

  2. psycho_fan21014 says

    Umm u forgot the Menger hotel here in San Antonio… San Antonio is proven to be the one of the most haunted cities in America :) how I <3 living in San Antonio lol

  3. wierd_girl says

    I remember somethin’ When I was 11 Years oLd, I saw a WiErD mAn standing in our garden. He wears black Jacket and White Long Pants. I thought it’s my father, but my father is on Ohio. My mother Called me, I looked behind, and when i looked again to the man. It vanished like a bubble. I thought it was my imagination.,.,!!

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