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Fairmont Hotel

Fairmont Hotel

The Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver, Canada is haunted by a ghost called The Lady in Red. She is described as a very fashionable and elegant apparition.

Fairmont Hotel

Back in the 1940s, a lady by the name of Jennie Pearl Cox was a regular at the Fairmont Hotel’s ballroom. Tragically, she was killed in a car crash outside the hotel in 1944. She died in her favorite outfit, an elegant red dress.

Her ghost has been seen on the 14th floor of the hotel where she causes the elevator to make unscheduled stops and is seen gliding down the hallways, her long red dress flowing behind her.

The Lady in Red is a friendly spirit, and anybody that sees her says that she ignores everything around her. It’s as if, for her, the living guests don’t exist.

Fairmont Hotel

She’s been seen passing through elevator doors and travelling down to the 1st floor where the elevator doors don’t even open. They are supposed to be bolted shut but a bellman and an assistant manager say they saw the doors opening and the Lady in Red stepping out.

Once, a family of Japanese tourists called the front desk, saying that they had arrived at their room only to find it already occupied. When the staff asked them to describe the person who was in their room, they said it was a lady in a long red dress and she wouldn’t pay any attention to them. The Fairmont Hotel staff told the shocked tourists about the tragic story of the Lady in Red.

Another Fairmont Hotel bellman had a close encounter with the ghost when he was checking guests into room 1403. He saw the Lady in Red brush past him, following the guests into the room. When the surprised bellman entered the room, the Lady in Red had vanished.

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