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Red Lion Hotel

Red Lion Hotel

The Red Lion Hotel is located in Colchester, Essex UK and is known for some strange occurrences. This haunted pub has more than its fair share of ghosts.

Red Lion Hotel

At the Red Lion Hotel, there are two different ghosts haunting the premises. The first ghost is that of a young girl named Alice Mellor was murdered in 1663. Her spirit how haunts the kitchen area on the grounds of the old pub.

For over 200 years the hotel has had one strict rule for employees. Any member of staff caught mentioning the ghost is immediately fired. The owner was afraid that if people knew the hotel was haunted, it would scare off his customers.

Alice Mellor’s ghost is said to haunt rooms 5 and 6 in the Red Lion Hotel as well. Her ghostly apparition is reportedly so frightening that, 200 years ago, the owner of the Red Lion Hotel sealed up the doorway to her old room. He hoped that this would stop the ghost from appearing in his hotel. But in the years since then, guests have spotted her haunting apparition walking up the stairs and disappearing through the bricked up doorway.

Recently an assistant manager at the hotel woke up in the middle of the night when he heard the rocking chair in his bedroom creaking loudly. As he looked around the room, he saw a ghostly figure sitting in the chair next to his bed, rocking back and forth. It was the ghost of Alice Mellor. She said “Are you alright?” and when he replied “Yes”, she just disappeared into thin air.

The second ghost is that of a monk, who lost his life in a local fire centuries ago. His ghost has been seen walking along the first floor. The most disturbing thing about it is that the floor goes through his legs. From his knees down, he appears to be imbedded in the floor boards. Nobody on the ground floor has ever seen his feet sticking through the ceiling, though.

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  • They mentioned this place in Great British Ghosts. The look on the assistant managers face when he retold the story you’ld think she’d atacked him.

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