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MGM Hotel

MGM Hotel

The old MGM hotel in Las Vegas burned to the ground on Nov. 21, 1980 in one of the most fatal hotel fires in United States history. Bally’s Hotel and Casino was later built at the site of this tragedy, and although nothing of the original MGM remains, the spirits of the people who died so tragically in 1980 are said to haunt Bally’s to this day.

MGM Hotel

During the fire at the MGM Hotel, 84 people who were trapped inside. Some guests threw themselves out the windows to their deaths when rescue ladders could not reach their floor in time. A lot of badly burned bodies were found in the stairways.

It seems that these spirits have not left the location of their terrible demise. It is here were a number of sightings have taken place of ghosts believed to be those killed in that fire.

Staff have reported strange occurrences. They say if you work the night shift you can see a shadowy figures of people laying on hotel room beds. Most cleaning ladies in the emerald tower (the green tower) hold rosary beads when walking through those halls. Visitors and staff have also seen ghostly figures that appear and disappear before them.

In most accounts, it seems that the ghosts are mainly sighted on the higher floors (19 through 24). Guests and employees alike report seeing ghostly figures in the North Tower. Former employees of Bally’s also report that a service elevator in the North Tower of Bally’s is avoided at all costs after room service employees were killed in it.

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  • Poor guests,that’s why i dont like to stay in upper floors of a hotel

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