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Anchorage Hotel

Anchorage Hotel

The Anchorage Hotel in Alaska has so many ghost sightings that it actually keeps a log of paranormal activity. Many guests have shared their ghostly encounters.

Anchorage Hotel

On the second floor of the hotel, guests have reported that they have witnessed the curtains rumble. The shower curtain also sways back and forth, and the picture over the mantelpiece has reportedly flown across the room and hit the coffee table.

The ghost most often reported is the city’s first chief of police, John J. Sturgus. In 1921, the Anchorage sheriff was shot in the alleyway, and he died while he was being taken to the hospital. But he seems to return to the hotel frequently.

A female ghost is also apparently haunting the hotel. In the 1920s, a lady was supposed to wed her fiancé, but when he struck it rich in the gold rush, he jilted her on the wedding day. She was so distraught that she hanged herself while wearing her wedding dress. And, you guessed it, she appears in the dress and walks the halls.

Another guest reported to the front desk that he felt restless spirits in the hotel, specifically after he encountered an insane old woman and a happy little boy. Other guests of the hotel have called the front desk and asked the staff to quiet the kids running up and down the hall, but when the staff went to quiet the children, they found none. When they checked the hotel computer, they found that no children were even registered.

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