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Gunter Hotel

Gunter Hotel

The Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas is haunted by the memory of a grisly murder that took place in Room 636.

Gunter Hotel

The Gunter Hotel has an infamous past. In 1965, a mysterious man checked into Room 636. Over the next few days, he was seen in the company of a tall, blonde woman.

One morning, a maid was cleaning rooms when she saw a Do Not Disturb sign on the handle of Room 636. She opened the door and was confronted by a horrible sight.

A man was standing there, next to a blood-stained bed. The maid started screaming and the man quickly grabbed a bundle of clothes and ran out the door.

By the time police arrived at the Gunter Hotel, the man was long gone. They entered his room and found the walls, ceiling and floor covered in blood. It was obvious that a horrible murder had taken place in the room, but there was no body.

The police believed that the man had murdered his tall blonde companion, chopped up her body and flushed the pieces down the toilet.

A few days later, the police tracked down the mysterious man. He was staying in a hotel just a few blocks away, but as they were about to arrest him, he shot himself.

The woman’s body was never found and the grisly murder still remains a mystery. The case is still open. No body has ever been discovered and no woman matching the description was ever reported missing.

The Gunter Hotel gained a frightening reputation and ever since, guests have reported strange occurrences in Room 636.

The ghostly figure of a woman has been seen in the room, her arms outstretched as if pleading for help. Strange sounds of hammering and grinding have been reported coming from room 636, even though it is unoccupied. Things being moved in the room and feelings of being watched are common.

One night, a hotel employee entered a room to prepare it for a important guest. She was shocked to find a woman in a white dress standing in the middle of the room with her arms outstretched. The employee was startled and as she turned to run from the room, the ghostly apparition simply vanished.

Hotel staff say that new employees often quit when they are assigned to clean the room where the murder took place. Recently, the hotel manager received a strange anonymous envelope in the mail. It had no return address and the zip code was the one the hotel used back in the 1960s. Inside the envelope was an old room key. It was the key Room 636.

Even now, years later, the Gunter Hotel has been unable to shake off the memory of the horrible murder that occurred in its haunted room.

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