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Bourbon Orleans

Bourbon Orleans

The Bourbon Orleans hotel is well-known for its lingering ghosts. In 1881 part of hotel was a convent and also an orphanage. Several areas of the hotel are considered haunted, such as the ballroom, which was built in 1817. The ballroom was the first one in New Orleans, and it was originally part of an opera house. A ghost often can be seen going up and down the staircase.

Bourbon Orleans

In recent times, a man working alone on a stairwell accidentally hit his thumb with a hammer and uttered a curse word. He immediately felt a slap on his face (an outraged nun, perhaps?) Other ghosts include a young man who still kisses the ladies who suit his fancy. A confederate soldier with a weapon has been seen on the seventh floor, and there are reports of several childlike spirits cozying up to the guests.

Hotel officials claim that the office and bathroom on the seventh floor are haunted by an old Creole man, and on the sixth floor, guests often hear kids playing.

Also in New Orleans, you’ll find the Hotel Provincial and a 25-year-old lady ghost ready to greet you. She haunts the place, wearing a white, flowing dress. But hotel officials insist she is not scary and has even been seen “helping” the employees of the hotel. She is normally spotted in a building by the river, but she also occasionally walks up and down the hotel staircase and paces back and forth on the patio by the fountain.

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  • I want to meet this ghost nun, slap some sence into my sister, not that she swears or anything sh** ow something just slapped me! ( i know prettu bad joke) id also like to meet the woman in the dress.

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