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Brown Palace Hotel

Brown Palace Hotel

The Brown Palace Hotel Denver is Denver’s longest operating hotel and was built by Henry C. Brown back in 1892. As it turns out, one of the most often seen spirits in the Hotel is none other than Mr. Brown himself.

Brown Palace

The most haunted part of the Hotel is the Oxford Club Room where many strange and mysterious things have been seen and heard. From ghost musicians to lights that turned themselves on to falling bottles of liquor, the Club has a very long history of haunting. There are tales of doors opening and closing by themselves, but that’s not all. They say ghostly spirits roam the halls of the Brown Palace Hotel.

A rich Denver socialite named Louise Crawford Hill lived in Room 904 at the Brown Hotel from 1940 until her death in 1955. Her life was filled with lost love and heartbreak.

One day, during a tour, the guide was telling Mrs. Hill’s tragic story when the main switchboard of the hotel began receiving calls from Room 904. When they picked up the phone, they could only here static. This was most intriguing because Room 904 had been completely gutted and was under renovation at the time. The room had no phone line connected.

After the guide stopped telling the story about Mrs. Hill on tours, the strange telephone calls from room 904 ceased.

The hotel’s main dining room used to be named the San Marco Room and big bands of the past used to play music there. One evening, after closing time, a houseman heard sounds coming from the dining room and saw a quartet of formally dressed musicians practicing their music. The houseman said, “You’re not supposed to be in here.” The musicians replied, “Oh, don’t worry about us… We live here.”

Another employee encountered the apparition of a man dressed in an old-fashioned train conductor’s uniform. Appearing for just a moment, he then disappeared through the wall. The wall the apparition went through was where the old railroad ticket office was located years ago.

Other reports include the frequent sighting of a uniformed waiter who is spied in the service elevator, cheerful children who are known to gallop in the hallways, and a baby’s cries often heard in the boiler room.

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