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Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana has a haunted history. As the story goes, it was the site of a cruel murder and ghost photos have been taken there. Ghost Hunters claim to have captured footage of a haunting spirit.

Myrtles Plantation

The story of the Myrtles Plantation began years ago, during the time of slavery in the USA. The plantation was the home of Judge Woodruffe, his wife and their two daughters.

The trouble began when the judge grew tired of his wife and began an affair with one of their slaves, a black girl named Chloe. She tried to resist his advances, but because she was a slave, she couldn’t disobey her master’s orders. As a reward, the judge told her she could stop working in the fields and gave her an easier job, doing chores around the house. However, the judge soon grew tired of her and ended the affair.

One night, the judge and his wife were having an argument. Chloe was outside, with her ear to the door, listening to their conversation. She wanted to know if they were planning to send her back to work in the fields. When the judge caught her eavesdropping, he flew into a rage. As punishment, he cut off one of her ears. The poor girl was left permanently disfigured and had to go around wearing a green headscarf to hide her terrible wound.

Chloe began plotting her revenge. One of the judge’s daughters was having a birthday and Chloe decided to bake her a birthday cake. She put some poison into the cake mix – just enough to make the whole family sick. She hoped that if she was the one who nursed them back to health, they would keep her around the house and not send her out to do back-breaking work in the fields.

Unfortunately, she accidentally put too much poison into the cake mix. When the judge’s wife and daughters ate the birthday cake, they became extremely ill and died within a few hours. Horrified by what she had done, Chloe burst into tears and told another another slave that she had only intended to make the mother and her daughters ill so that she would be the one to take care of them.

Chloe chose the wrong person to confide in. Soon, word spread among the other slaves that she had poisoned the mother and children. Word got back to the judge and fled into the surrounding woods, followed by an angry mob. They eventually caught her and hanged her from a tree.

Later, they cut her dead body down from the branches, tied rocks to her arms and legs and threw her into the river. Judge Woodruffe closed off the room where the birthday party had been held and never allowed it to be used again while he lived.

Ever since then, the ghost of Chloe has been haunting the Myrtles Plantation. She has been seen lurking around the plantation house. She wears a green headscarf wrapped around her head with an earring pinned over her missing ear. A woman who was taking photographs of the house inadvertantly captured the shadowy image of a ghostly black girl standing near the house. It is believed to be the ghost of Chloe.

Today, the Myrtles Plantation is a bed and breakfast, and guests often report seeing various ghostly apparitions. Two little girls have been spotted playing inside the house.

An episode of the TV show Ghost Hunters was shot at Myrtles Plantation and found evidence of paranormal activity.

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