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Hollywood Roosevelt

Hollywood Roosevelt

The Hollywood Roosevelt is one of the most famous haunted hotels in America. This California hotel is reputedly haunted by the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift.

Hollywood Roosevelt

The Hollywood Roosevelt, named after President Teddy Roosevelt, opened in 1927. The Roosevelt is another homage to a bygone era. During its heyday, the hotel was the center of Hollywood and served as the location for the first Academy Awards ceremony. The Roosevelt was the place to be during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The hotel’s prime location across the street from the Chinese Theater made it a very popular choice for Hollywood’s biggest stars. Some of its most famous guest liked the place so much they refused to check out…ever.

Montgomery Clift, star of From Here to Eternity, stayed at the hotel in room 928 during the making of the classic movie. On windy evenings it is said that one may hear him playing his bugle and reciting his lines from the movie in the hallway or in room 928.

The other famous resident ghost is reported to be that of Marilyn Monroe. She was a frequent guest of the hotel in suite 1200. Marilyn’s image is said to have been caught in a mirror that was formerly located in the aforementioned suite has been relocated to an area near the elevators in the lobby. Today, Marilyn’s former (and perhaps current) haunt is known as the Marilyn Monroe Suite and, yes, the hotel accepts reservations.

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  • I WANT TO GO AND STAY IN THE MARILYN MAROE SUITE OR ROOM 928 or both just to see if it true but ill only stay in room 928 if it really windy.

  • I read about the ghost of Marilyn Monroe in a book. coolvampire, yes, I do think Elvis would go up to people or go in mirrors or rooms shouting at people: “I am stuck here in this hotel, ELVIS NEVER LEFT THIS BUILDING!”

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