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Amargosa Hotel

Amargosa Hotel

Amargosa Hotel in Death Valley is a haunted hotel and opera house. It was built in 1923 in a Spanish Colonial style. Today, it is said to be haunted by a number of spirits who called this home during its mining days.


Room 24 of the Amargosa Hotel is where guests always complain of hearing the ghostly sounds of a crying child during the night. When they call the manager, they are told that there are no children staying in the hotel.

In 1967, a young girl was left unattended in a bathtub and drowned tragically before anyone found her. Could the ghost of this unfortunate child be responsible for the sounds of crying at night?

Half of the hotel is still abandoned and hasn’t been renovated. Staff call this part, “Spooky Hollow” due to the weird and inexplicable incidents that occur there.

One night, a father and his daughter were sharing a room at the hotel. In the morning, when they awoke, the father asked his daughter, “Why did you get up so many times last night?” The daughter replied, “I didn’t. Why did you?” They realized they had both heard footsteps going back and forth across the room all night long.

Like a children’s ghost story about a haunted hotel room, the spooky occurrences, real or imagined, are enough to drive many guests to leave in the middle of the night. About once a month, guests simply pack their bags and leave. Sometimes they leave a note, sometimes they just disappear, but the occurrence is frequent enough that the hotel staff is not surprised when guest check out in the middle of the night.

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