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Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is the most famous haunted hotel in America. The Stanley Hotel may seem familiar, especially if you’re a Stephen King fan. King was staying here when he developed the idea for his book The Shining. Later, the television miniseries based on the book was filmed at the Stanley.

Stanley Hotel

Even more interesting than its connection to Hollywood is the Stanley Hotel’s multitude of ghosts. Guests have seen the ghosts of the hotel’s original owner and his wife, along with various other apparitions. Employees and guests have often reported hearing strange noises from unoccupied rooms or seeing the piano in the parlor play by itself.

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  • I wanna go on the ghost tour. I don’t think I would be scared becase these are probably nice ghosts.

  • :O i was just on vacation there… and i took the ghost tour lol so i already knew it was haunted :P also the movie The Shining wasn’t filmed there but Stephen King came up with the idea for the book while staying there because he said he felt a ghostly presence :D also that hotel has the shining playing 24/7 lol :P

  • If the piano is playing by itself….. Can they just let the ghost play since they don’t have to charge the piano player?

  • The original movie with jack Nicholson was not filmed at the Stanley. And the creepiest thing about that movie was the wife lol

  • I lived in Colorado and i’ve been to the Stanley Hotel and i’ve always had a creepy feeling when i was there….but i never saw any ghosts o.o

  • wow! i did not know the shining was filmed at a haunted hotel. that is a amazing:D

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