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Cavalier Hotel

Cavalier Hotel

The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA is haunted by a number of ghosts. Elevators run when no one is riding in them, toilets flush of their own accord, but that’s only the beginning of the paranormal activity experienced in this Virginia Beach hotel.

Cavalier Hotel

The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach opened in 1927. The first owner of the hotel shot himself on the 6th floor when he learned that Prohibition laws had been passed. But that’s not the only tragedy that has occurred in the Cavalier Hotel.

In 1929, Adolph Coors, founder of the Coors beer company, checked into the Cavalier Hotel and was given a room on the 6th floor. He mysteriously fell out of the 6th floor window and plummeted to his death on the concrete below. Nobody knows if he jumped out himself or if he was pushed.

Ever since then, receptionists working in the lobby of the Cavalier Hotel have reported receiving phonecalls from a room on the 6th floor. When security guards go up to check, they find the room unoccupied and securely locked.

One security guard had locked up the hotel during the off-season. As he walked home, he looked back and noticed a light in a window on the 6th floor. He went back to investigate, searching the 5th, 6th and 7th floors of the hotel, but found no lights on at all.

Years ago, a young girl was staying in the hotel. She had a pet cat that she smuggled into the hotel, because at that time, pets were not allowed in guests’ rooms. During the night, the cat escaped and wandered down to the pool where it fell in. The young girl went looking for her cat and tried to save it. Unfortunately, both the girl and her beloved cat drowned in the swimming pool.

Ever since then, guests at the Cavalier Hotel have reported seeing a trail of wet footprints and pawprints leading down one of the hotel’s hallways. Though the girl’s ghost has not been sighted, people only occasionally report hearing the strange sounds of a cat meowing coming from the pool area.

Some people were exploring the hotel and went up as far as the 5th floor. There, they encountered an elderly black man dressed in an old-fashioned bellboy uniform. He emerged from the darkened hallway and began waving his hands urgently at them.

“You don’t want to go up there!”, he warned, pointing at the stairway to the 6th floor. When they asked why, the old man’s eyes grew wide and he replied “There’s ghosts up there!”

When the people went back down to the lobby, they talked to the hotel manager who told them that the Cavalier Hotel hadn’t employed bellboys in decades.

Over all most ghost hunters agree that the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach is one of the most haunted places in Virginia.

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  • @TheHauntedStoryTeller: They would know about the cat because they would find the cats dead body

  • ^ omg that must be freaky. I
    m pretty sure I’ve seen cavalier but I didn’t stay there because I’ve been to virginia beach before. But anyways how do you know if the girl and little kitty was true I mean if the girl SMUGGLED the kitty in how did they know she had a kitty she couldn’t have told them because she had drowned along with the kitty and like if they knew they would have stopped her from bringing the kitty if they knew about this story.

  • i went there for a wedding once….!!! i had no idea it was haunted until now :(

  • Ah, neat. Poor lass and her kitten.
    I do think that I’d like to go up to the sixth floor with a nice spot of green tea, and say, “Come on, Lad, where might you be?”
    I hope he’s okay with British folk.

  • Omfg…Poor little kitty…(and poor little girl…) At least they both died together… :'(((

  • Nya ghosts usually never really realize theyre dead and have turned into ghosts…they are usually confused and think they are still alive, so when people go and “invade” its past home, he/she can get angry and try to get rid of the invader. think of it this way, some people come to ur house, and make it theirs but its urs and they ignore u, wouldnt u be mad and try to make them notice u and make them go away?? but this doesnt always happen….this is supposed to be true about them, it does make sense though…

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