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Hot Lake Hotel

Hot Lake Hotel

The Hot Lake Hotel is a haunted building in La Grande, Oregon. At one time, it was a sanitarium for mental patients and their ghosts are said to haunt the spot to this day.

Hot Lake Hotel

The Hot Lake Hotel was built in 1907 and was a popular vacation and resting spot due to its relaxing thermal waters. After the vacation spot burned down in 1934, it was renovated and converted into a sanatarium or insane asylum. It has been abandoned since 1991.

A caretaker who lived on the second floor complained that he could hear footsteps in the hallways at night. He also heard a woman’s screams coming from the room above his own. He later found out that his room was directly below what used to be the old surgery room of the sanatarium.

There was also an old grand piano on the third floor that would play by itself. Even though the third floor was locked off, the sound of piano music played by a ghostly hand would be heard all over the building.

Once the caretaker locked some old wheelchairs in a closet. Later, when he came back, the wheelchairs were standing out in the hallway. Rocking chairs on the third floor could also be seen rocking by themselves.

It has been rumored to be haunted by old vacationers, a gardener who committed suicide and insane people from the building’s sanitorium days.

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